How does Ultrasurf work

UltraSurf for Windows

Surf anonymously without leaving any traces

With UltraSurf you can surf the internet anonymously. The own whereabouts and identity remain unknown. In contrast to other tools of this type, UltraSurf is also extremely easy to use, cleverly hides your own IP and deletes your surfing history as well as cookies.

Goodbye censorship, hello privacy

Originally wanted Ultra Surf the Great Wall of China skipthat prevents access to certain pages and online services.

In the meantime, the tool has become very popular all over the world, as UltraSurf makes it possible to use certain control mechanisms of certain organizations from countries with dubious transparency unseen come over.

That happens specifically through that Swap your own IP against a completely different one. At the same time, surfing history and cookies are deleted so that no information is left behind about other pages that have already been visited.

UltraSurf protects your own privacy from the very first moment. By obfuscating the IP, surfing is admittedly a little bit slower, but with a good connection the difference is minimal.

Just open it and off you go

In contrast to other anonymity programs, UltraSurf impresses above all with its easy handling. You just have to open it and it works.

Practical: UltraSurf requires no installation , so you can always have the tool with you on a USB stick.

A plus for your own privacy

Anyone who wants to avoid obstacles in the network or access certain pages without revealing their identity will find a great ally in UltraSurf: a transparent and easy-to-use tool that enables surfing without censorship.