How do I get followers on Steemit

200 followers - Annatom says THANK YOU and introduces itself briefly

Hi everyone!

Now the time has come - my introductory post! I know I'm mercilessly late ... In January of this year I registered my account with steemit. Then I had to wait about 2 weeks until it was activated ... and at first I overlooked the confirmation email in my mailbox, then I had a lot on my mind - and in May I started posting ;-))

And since I now have over 200 followers & can show over 200 posts, I thought to myself that I would use the opportunity to thank all followers first! Thank you very much for your trust & thank you very much for wanting to follow my posts! My 200 posts, most of which resulted from commenting on other posts, were written in no time at all. I have to say - I'm surprised myself how quickly these have accumulated - oops !!

200 followers - my summary of steemit

I really enjoy writing - and that's exactly why I enjoy Steemit a lot! I am always happy to receive your answers - and I think the Steemit community is very fine so far. The tone here is incredibly nice - and the help posts encourage me to continue ... if I hadn't had such great feedback from my first post - I don't know if I would have stayed with it! I think this is a great community that I really enjoy posting something to!

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself to you ... Thank you dear @ love-your-wild for drawing my attention to briefly introducing myself to you!

How did I get to steemit?

I am usually on the Internet a lot - I love blogging and youtube is also part of my everyday life! At some point I saw a video about steemit in the YouTube suggestion list. At first I thought to myself… “what is that?”, But I watched the video until the end and signed up immediately. Of course, I wanted to get started right away, but it took a while ...

Who am I?

Well, you can just call me Anna! I am passionate about blogging, I also have a blog and I also make a YouTube video every now and then…. To my interests…. I like to cook, I am interested in foreign cultures, philosophy for everything that makes my soul happy ... I know that is a very broad area! But I find health just as important as a walk in the country, traveling, the smile of my child, dancing or beautiful music ... if my soul is happy, then I have arrived in the now - and that is exactly what I write about. I have been practicing Qi Gong for years (which I really want to do again !!!) and I like to meditate ... & live in the south of Bavaria. I also have two kids and a dog! My favorite song is “Never give up” by Sia - that expresses my motto in life ;-) and the accompanying film “Lion” really gets under my skin…. by the way…. I would very much like to travel to India <3

You can find that with me….

I am a thoughtful guy, try to take with me in life what makes you happy. I like to surprise my environment with this ... and with such topics I would like to surprise you, stimulate thought and give you valuable tips along the way. Sometimes you will only find snapshots from my everyday life - a moment or a statement that affects me ... I don't think that I am 100% correct with everything I write - you are welcome to let me know - I just write what is on my mind and if you want to share that with me, I am really looking forward to your answers!

Greetings to everyone and thank you for reading along! !!!

see you soon your Anna

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