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Bill Gates reveals why he prefers Android over iPhone

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has never had an intimate relationship with the Apple or iPhone and that has not changed in recent years. Because in a conversation, the 65-year-old said that he preferred Android to iOS because of its flexibility. It will come as no surprise to anyone that Bill Gates has now announced that he is using an Android smartphone. This is also not surprising, since it is known from earlier times that the former Microsoft CEO once imposed a strict iPhone and iPad ban on his house. But that comes from a time when the rivalry between Microsoft and Apple was of a different quality, now there are more practical reasons why Gates uses an Android device.

Because in a conversation with CNBC and NY Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin on Clubhouse, Gates said that he actually uses an Android smartphone (via iMore). However, the audio-centric Clubhouse platform can only be used on iOS devices at the moment, so several "Bill Gates uses an iPhone?" asked.

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Pre-installed Microsoft software

He didn't say no, but said that he has one to try out because he likes to be up to date with the latest technical developments. The smartphone he uses every day is an Android device. That lies among other things. that "some of the Android manufacturers preinstall Microsoft software in a way that makes it easier for me," said Gates.

In addition, he thinks Android is more flexible in terms of the way the software is connected to the operating system. Ultimately, according to the Microsoft co-founder, he simply got used to Android. Many of his friends have an iPhone, so he is definitely "not a purist".

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