How is Berger Express painting service

Our services

All service and maintenance work, as well as all other work on your vehicle, will be carried out by us precisely according to the manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle make. This means you have no disadvantage and no loss of the manufacturer's guarantee for your vehicle.

Accident repair

It is important to us to preserve the value of your vehicle. As an accident specialist, we are your reliable partner. Our trained specialists always work with the most modern technical equipment in order to meet the high quality standards of the manufacturer.

Inspection and Maintenance

We do inspections for all car and commercial vehicle brands up to 3.5t. A very good education and ongoing training of our craftsmen as well as the most modern diagnostic and repair technology ensure an all-round intact car and a good feeling while driving.

Express service

Our express service includes routine work that can be done quickly and does not take up more than 60 minutes of working time. Our employees have the same high quality requirements for service as for all other work.

Painting service

Regardless of whether it is a minor parking bump or an accident, damage is repaired in our in-house body and paint department strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. This will make your vehicle look as shiny as before.

Glass repair

A damaged windshield is not only annoying, it is also often associated with a major safety risk - visibility is impaired and the windshield can tear. It is better to come to our workshop early.

Smart repair / clever repair

Dents, scratches, damage from hail or stone chips? Small blemishes can happen quickly and scratch the value of your vehicle. But should you have everything completely repaired right away? We offer you a clever alternative: Our modern repair methods for all small damage in and on the car.

Air conditioning service

The condenser, evaporator, compressor and expansion valve should be serviced regularly to ensure that your air conditioning system works properly and over the long term. Our air conditioning service helps avoid costly repairs.

Main inspection and exhaust gas inspection

Is the general inspection and exhaust emissions inspection due on your vehicle? This is required by law and we want to make this important appointment as easy as possible for you. Get your new inspection sticker directly from us.

Light test

During a light test, we check the luminosity of your headlights so that other road users can see you sufficiently well. We also check the headlight setting so that oncoming drivers are not dazzled.

Season checks

Vehicle checks before the summer and winter season or at the time of travel not only ensure safe and stress-free mobility with your car, but also help maintain its value.

Workshop replacement car

If you bring your car to us in the workshop, regardless of whether it is damaged in an accident or, for example, for painting work, you will always stay mobile thanks to our workshop replacement vehicles.

Pick-up and delivery service

Don't have time to drive to the workshop? No problem! We will be happy to pick up your vehicle from you and bring it back after the service. We keep you mobile with our service vehicles.

Spare parts and accessories

We only use original spare parts and accessories. These offer an optimal fit and functionality and guarantee you the best possible security, reliability and performance.

Vehicle preparation

Would you like to do something good for your vehicle and have it refurbished by a professional? Is your leasing vehicle due to be returned shortly? Then you've come to the right place. Together with our partners, we offer you the opportunity to have your vehicle professionally prepared. Please contact us for more information and an appointment.

Commercial vehicle service

As a certified VW commercial vehicle partner, we have special commercial vehicle equipment. This includes, among other things, a heavy-duty lifting platform and, of course, appropriately trained technicians. Your commercial vehicle is in the best of hands with us.

Tire storage

So that the bulky tires do not take up valuable space in your garage or basement, we are happy to take over the storage for you. The seasonal tires are properly stored with us.

Old / youngtimers

We do things where others are expensive and overwhelmed! Ask us, we will always find the best quality, but cheapest solution for your old / youngtimer, because we enjoy our work!

Towing service

We are here for you! No matter where you are, we are at your side. Your safety and mobility are important to us. We bring your vehicle to our workshop.

Car wash

Does your vehicle need a quick wash again? No problem. Come by and use our car wash during our opening hours. We will be happy to advise you for more information on washing programs and prices.

Gas station

You can fill up with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During our opening times, you can also use our shop with tobacco products, beverages, etc., and outside the opening times you can easily refuel at our petrol station. We are looking forward to your visit.