Elon Musk loses money

Tesla stock | Elon Musk loses $ 27 billion - in a week

Tesla boss Elon Musk (49) lost a fortune of almost 27 billion US dollars (22.7 billion euros) in the past week!

This was initially reported by the financial news service "Bloomberg". The reason: The share of the electric car manufacturer has plummeted from 578.20 to 499.70 euros since the beginning of the week - a loss of 13.5 percent.

Experts lead the price fall, among other things. back to the loss of Bitcoin value. Last month, Tesla announced that it would accept payment via Bitcoin and that it had invested $ 1.5 billion in the currency itself. This has tied the two courses closer together.

Other experts rather suspect that it is a correction of the (possibly overrated) value of Tesla. In other words: a possible temporary end to the hype!

Nevertheless, Musk remains the second richest person in the world with a fortune of 157 billion dollars (132 billion euros) - behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (57) and in front of Microsoft veteran Bill Gates (65).

After Tesla shares rose by 700 percent in the past year alone and Musk's fortune multiplied (up to 210 billion dollars) - in January he passed Bezos as the richest person on the planet - now the first dent in the global wealth race for the electric car pioneer.