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Logan - The Wolverine: The Man Comes Around

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It was clear to fans from the start that actor Hugh Jackman would be the ideal cast for the "Marvel" superhero Wolverine. Now the Hollywood star in “Logan” will definitely be slipping into the role of the popular “wolverine” for the last time. Director James Mangold also ends the solo trilogy of the Marvel superhero and member of the X-Men. Wolverine's swan song is furious.

Yes, there is also a little spoiler here; Doesn't stay away if you want to deal with "Logan - The Wolverine" fairly seriously. And so much can be revealed in advance: "Logan" is the most mature Marvel superhero film ever. This applies not only to the realistic brutality mentioned, but above all to the dramatic potential of the story, which has absolutely nothing to do with common blockbusters populated by costumed people such as "X-Men: Apocalypse".

"There's a man going around taking names,"

Even the opening scene, in which a drunk Logan (Hugh Jackman) is sleeping in the limousine that he otherwise drives for a living, makes it clear where the hare in "Logan" is going. The Hispanic crooks trying to steal the chrome rims from the car in the remote parking lot are not doing well. With healthy, adult toughness, the adamantium-reinforced, indestructible Wolverine staggers through a dirty and bloody struggle for its livelihood.

"And he decides who to free and who to blame."

And in the style of a dusty neo-western, the visibly aged antihero Logan is on the run for the next two hours and at the same time tries to escape the responsibility that is placed on him. "Logan" is set in the year 2029. The USA is a gloomy, worn-out turf and no new mutants have been spotted for a quarter of a century. Logan has long since given up his Wolverine identity. Instead, he and a rather frail Charles X. Xavier (Patrick Stewart) hide in an abandoned farm in the outskirts of nowhere in Mexico. There is also the albino mutant Caliban (Steven Merchant), who has the ability to track down other mutants.

"Voices calling and voices crying, Some are born and some are dying."

But the old men's calm is suddenly disturbed when Pierce (Boyd Holbrock) appears. The henchman of a BioTec company is looking for "someone he has lost". As it turns out, it's about the young Laura (Daphne Keen), who is on the run and looking for shelter with Wolverine. Pierce and his people are hot on the girl's heels and the wild escape of the trio of Professor X, Laura and Logan has no goal at first. Wild, childlike Laura firmly believes she knows where the Elysium is, a legendary final refuge for mutants. For better or worse, Logan and Co. make their way to North Dakota.

"And the whirlwind is in the thorn tree,"

If one likes to follow the statements of main actor Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold, "Logan" is the ultimate "Wolverine" movie. After all, "Wolverine" can look back on an eventful history as a Marvel comic figure, including some series that are aimed at a more adult readership. The story of the aging Wolverine, whose healing powers are slowly but steadily decreasing, is based on the story "Old Man Logan" which comic author Mark Millar ("The Kingsman", "Kick-Ass") once worked with illustrator Steve McNiven ("Nemesis "-Comic) thought up.

"'Til Armageddon, no shalam, no shalom."

Director James Mangold ("Walk the Line"), who wrote the script together with Michael Green and Scott Frank ("Minority Report", "The Interpreter"), enriches the Wolverine story with a father-daughter dynamic that is simple works great. Basically, Logan not only has to take care of the ailing foster father, but is also confronted with a suddenly unruly daughter. This is of course not Wolverine's biological daughter, but also has Wolverine's abilities as a laboratory experiment from that BioTec company. In the Marvel comic universe (in contrast to the film adaptations) the character is known as X-23 and leads a living life of its own.

"Listen to the words long written down"

For the conclusion of the "Wolverine" trilogy, Mangold picks the raisins from Wolverine's comic history and turns it into an epic, dark neo-western. Cinematographer John Mathieson (“Gladiator”, “X-Men: First Decision”) finds successful images that contain a number of action sequences, but get by with comparatively little CGI. Instead, solid brawls dominate, which would also have found place in Mangold's remake of “Death Train to Yuma” (2007). So it is not surprising that in addition to references to the Marvel Komos, other influences also shine through. The western “My great friend Shane” (1953) even flickers on the TV screen, but the relationship between the old man and the cheeky brat is clearly influenced by “True Grit” (“the Marshall”), made by the Coen brothers. But this film level is best explored by each viewer for himself.

"When the man comes around." (Johnny Cash: The Man Comes Around)

And as in “Wolverine: Weg des Kriegers” (2013), the director finds ways to deconstruct the character of the superhero Wolverine and transform it into a kind of genre film, which is staged as stylishly as its content is convincing. This includes a coherent soundtrack which, with Johnny Cash's “The Man Comes Around”, even achieves something like a musical meta level in the end. This also includes a certain coarseness that the previous Wolverine films lacked for reasons of age approval. Now - it seems - the box office success of “Deadpool” has given the “Logan” team more freedom. And the deconstruction of the character also includes the important role that an "X-Men-Comics" plays in the story. But that would be too much to reveal now. Just go see for yourself. However, this time the comic fan can confidently give himself up to wait for a roll-up in the credits. The story is over.

I've never made a secret of the fact that I think all of the "Wolverine" films are successful. With “Logan” a great, varied and multi-layered superhero trilogy finds its conclusion and climax. A big movie theater.

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OT: Logan - The Wolverine
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi,
Length: 137 minutes, USA, 2017
Director: James Mangold
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Daphne Keen
FSK: from 16 years
Distribution: 20th Century Fox
Theatrical release: March 2nd, 2017

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