What are the top five purchasing receipts

The procurement process in purchasing: you need to know that

7. Incoming goods

The Goods Receipt involves more than just physically accepting the order (s) you have placed. This also includes the documentation of receipt and forwarding of the objects and their input data. The incoming goods must also be recorded in the accounting in terms of value and quantity. As a rule, these postings are made using the delivery notes or incoming goods invoices.

When goods are received, it is important that the goods delivered are carefully checked against the delivery note. If defects are found upon receipt of the goods, acceptance must be refused or the goods must be reported to the supplier immediately. If this does not happen, the quantity on the delivery note is deemed to have been delivered and free of damage.


Before receiving the goods

  • Are the goods intended for you?
  • Has the order for the goods actually been placed?
  • Does the number of delivered packages match the number on the delivery papers?
  • Are items subject to exchange in an exchangeable condition?
  • Is there any externally visible damage to the goods?
  • Has the delivery date been met?

After receiving the goods

  • Do the packages contain what is written on the outside?
  • Are there any damage to the goods that was not visible from the outside?

8. Payment processing

If the goods are accepted, the accounting department checks the invoice as soon as it is available. The invoice should match both the order and the delivery note. If this is not the case, it is up to the accounting department to eliminate these discrepancies. For this purpose, the accounting department contacts both the supplier and the purchasing department. Once everything has been clarified, the invoice is approved and posted. A payment authorization is created and the invoice amount can be paid through the bank.


  • Do the order and the data on the delivery note match?
  • Are all bank details correct?
  • Have all payment steps been checked and approved?
  • Is it clear where and how the invoice has to be filed?

The procurement process is completed once the invoice has been paid.

Regardless of whether you work in a rather small company or in a large corporation - the work steps in the procurement process usually follow this pattern. Nowadays, these processes can also be carried out by software get supported.

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