Would you wear a blue eyeshadow

The perfect make-up for brown, green and blue eyes

Good eye shadow does not play the sole entertainer, but rather combines with the color of the eyes. The right choice of color catches the eye. We show you how to properly make-up brown, blue and eyes.

In order to properly apply make-up to eyes, a small theory lesson is essential. Because color theory is required for more luminosity in view. Like every color, the eye color also gains color depth when a complementary color is added.

Complementary colors are diametrically opposed to each other in the color wheel and are per se so rich in contrast that they achieve the maximum color effect as a mutual complement. Sounds complicated, but it looks stunning in the end.

What color do you have? The next few pages show how best to emphasize brown, blue and green eyes.

Color is required to properly make up green eyes. Because with the wrong eyeshadow, green eyes lose their depth. Play with berry tones to perfectly accentuate her eye color.

Anyone who knows how to properly make up green eyes creates a very special effect. Because while blue eyes appear clear and brown eyes warm, a green iris gains three-dimensionality if you choose the right colors. The view gains depth and appears more captivating and direct.

The best makeup colors for green eyes: Red-tinged colors can be used as a high-contrast complement to green. In the theory of color theory are berry violet tones a mixture of red and blue and in practice a perfect eyeshadow color for green eyes.

Rule of thumb when applying makeup to green eyes: The darker the green eye color, the more red the purple eyeshadow should have. On the other hand, the lighter the eye green, the more blue components may be mixed in.

Tip: Purple brings luminosity into view, especially if you not only use it as an eye shadow, but also choose a mascara in the right color. However, if you don't want to dig deep into the color box, you only use the purple luminosity selectively. To do this, keep the eye makeup in delicate shades of gray or brown and just draw an eyeliner in purple color. With green eyes, accents are often enough to bring more radiance into the eye.

There is only one thing you should absolutely refrain from: To make up green eyes, avoid blue and yellow eyeshadows. They make green eyes turn gray!

And by the way: There are no limits to the variety of colors. Those who look carefully will also find gray eyeshadows that have a purple undertone and so not too gaudy, but still expressive. On the other hand, if you don't find anything like that, you simply become a color artist yourself. Mix your own perfect color effect. To do this, first apply a thin layer of purple eye shadow and then blend it with a light gray or soft brown shade. The play of colors is in your hands.

Blue eyes are special. Since blue is the lightest color that eyes can wear, it also has the greatest radiance. Who knows how to make up blue eyes properly, can intensify this effect.

Blue is the lightest color that Mother Nature has put in our eyes. For all those who want to intensify this spotlight effect, when it comes to makeup it's called hop or top: If you want to make up blue eyes properly, you either cover them with smoky gray or extravagant black. Or you can choose the eyeshadow for blue eyes in lovely soft ones Pastel tones. Both fit, but they work differently.

Color effects: Dark gray and black tones create a light-dark contrast that primarily enhances the luminosity of blue eyes, while soft pastel tones, restrained the gaze, but make the color intensity appear richer. Make-up artists recommend using make-up for blue eyes to adjust this effect depending on the occasion.

Day makeup usually looks too massive if you play blue eyes with dark eyeshadow in the foreground. If you play with pastel apricot, rosé or soft gold tones instead, you add a color enhancer to your look without appearing extroverted.

Evening makeup: Here blue-eyed people can apply thickly. The darker the backdrop, the darker the eye makeup can be. Because the more you make your blue headlights shine.

Brown eyes are as diverse as their owner. They can glow in warm chocolate tones, shimmer in a deep black or be lovely light like a fawn.

Hardly any other iris color allows as much leeway as brown eyes. From bright deer brown to rich chocolate tones to dark mocha eyes, nature rages here in all its splendor of colors. The eye makeup for brown eyes should be just as flexible.

Fist formalities when applying make-up for brown eyes: All autumn colors (Gold, money, red, orange and purple) are allowed, but fine-tuning is required depending on the color intensity of the iris. The darker the iris, the darker the make-up. And vice versa.

Color effects: Light brown eyes get this mystical amber shimmer through bright gold or orange tones, while chocolate brown eyes with warm brown or even green look even more saturated and black-brown pupils with dark purple or brown tones find a frame that commands them to contain and radiate .

By the way: Blue and turquoise can also accentuate brown eyes. The prerequisite is that the pupils have a dark basic tone. With brown-green eyes, however, blue experiments are taboo.Photos: Chanel, Estée Lauder, Gucci

Photos: Thinkstock, Getty Images Entertainment

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