How would you describe your best friend

The perfect answer to the classic interview

Anyone who has applied for a new job will be asked for an interview with questions like "How would your friends describe you?"or "What do others criticize about you?" probably not getting around.

Strengths and weaknesses in the interview

When mentioning Strengths and weaknessesThe following applies: Honesty lasts the longest. However, how and what is crucial!


  • You should always have one for both weaknesses and strengths Situation and an example call.
  • Always show a healthy oneSelf-confidenceand be authentic. You cannot score points with HR managers with arrogance or with permanent restraint and shyness.
  • Pay attention to your choice of words. Name your weaknesses, but try to overcome them using words like "sometimes", "occasionally" and "rarely"defuse. Example: "I am sometimes impatient and often can hardly wait for results."
  • After mentioning the weakness, theSelf-reflection and good intentionsfollow, then the weakness sounds half as bad. For example: "I recently had a customer in Spain for the first time. Of course, I can communicate perfectly with the people on site in English, but it could still be helpful in the future to learn Spanish and other foreign languages ​​in a course." Or "My self-organization could be better - but that's why I like to write down important appointments and tasks."