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On you will find Scrabble® help, crossword help and an anagram generator as well as many other tools to create words from letters.

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Scrabble® Help

Scrabble® Help finds words for Scrabble® and other word games. Simply enter letters and generate words. Additional options are the number of jokers and the sorting according to points or word length. »Scrabble® Help

Crossword puzzle help

The German crossword puzzle help on the Internet. Find solutions with the puzzle help for everything that crosses. »Crossword puzzle help

Word guru solution

With our word guru solution we help you to conquer all levels of the popular game. “Word Guru Solution

Anagram generator

The anagram generator creates meaningful and funny anagrams using all the letters entered. “Anagram generator

Solve the letter salad

You can use this search to solve a letter salad. Whether for crossword puzzles or word games, the word search finds all meaningful words. »Solve the alphabet salad

Name generator

Finding a suitable name for a newborn is not that easy. With our name generator you can create a first name from any letters - for example from the first names of parents or grandparents. Try it out now! It's very easy and quick. “Name generator

Online word games;

Scrabble training

With Scrabble training you can train your ability to generate words from letters. In addition to the letters, it is even possible to specify a pattern on the field or the sorting of the results. “Scrabble training

Articles about words and letters

Here you can find our latest articles from different categories. This includes everything you need to know about words and letters and articles about word games that you can play with friends on the Internet or on mobile devices. We also offer you reports and interviews from word-search on the go, as well as our quick-witted and less serious word column. Have a look.

Adolescent words with N hold up a mirror to everyday life

They find creative names for the male sexual organ, make the nose capable of orgasm and target unworldly perpetual gamblers. The youth words with N testify to the great originality of the youth language. In our overview we present you the most important N-youth words and make you from noop to naise know-it-all. N1! " Continue reading

Unword of the year 2019 - climate hysteria

Climate change deniers are anti-vaccinations for environmental protection. But even die-hard climate skeptics like Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will no longer be able to deny man-made climate change in the face of the devastating fires in 2020. Or? " Continue reading

The bad word of the year - from 1991 until today.

The bad word of 2015 is do-gooder. Just why Read more here about the choice of the unword of the year from 1991 to today: A list of all previous unwords with corresponding descriptions and information on the election supplement our text. " Continue reading

Crossword Column # 72 - Headgear

The so-called hat maker syndrome is an occupational disease that results from inhaling vapors containing mercury. The term "Mad as a Hatter" was found in the figure of the mad hatter in Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland in 1865. " Continue reading

Youth words with I: From Ikeakind with Igelschnäuzchen

Can Internet Printers Instagrams? And who is jumping into the box with the girl? The youth language is sometimes complicated, sometimes pretty nasty - and mostly very creative. Don't be intelligent, find out more: Here are the best youth words with I! " Continue reading

Information about words and word lists

At you will find extensive information about words, sorted according to criteria such as alphabet, word length or very special properties such as palindromes. This word information can be accessed in various ways.

German word search

Here you can search the German word lists for specific words. This word search can also be used as a test to check whether a certain word in a word game is valid.

Word lists

On this page you will find word lists sorted according to different categories such as word length or certain letters within or at the beginning of a word. An alphabetical navigation makes it easier for you to browse through the lists.