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What time is it? - The time in Russian

If you want to ask someone in Russia what time it is, say: Который час?

Here you will learn how to indicate the full hour in Russian:

The time in Russian (the full hour)


It is one o'clock. / It's one.

Два (часа).

It's two o'clock).

Три (часа).

It is three o'clock).

Четыре (часа).

It's four o'clock).

Пять (часов).

It is five o'clock).

Шесть (часов).

It is six o'clock.

Семь (часов).

It is seven o'clock).

Восемь (часов).

It is eight o'clock).

Девять (часов).

It's nine o'clock).

Десять (часов).

It is ten o'clock).

Одиннадцать (часов).

It is eleven o'clock).

Двенадцать (часов).

It is twelve o clock).

When you are with someone for half past two have made an appointment, then translate it with: половина третьего or shorter and more common: полтретьего.

Time in Russian (half an hour)


It's half past twelve.


E is half past one.


It's half past two.


It's half past eight.


It's half past eleven.

Of course, you can also specify the quarter of an hour in Russian:

The time in Russian (a quarter of an hour)

Четверть / пятнадцать минут второго.

It is quarter past one.

Без четверти / без пятнадцати два.

It's a quarter to two.

Четверть / пятнадцать минут первого.

It is quarter past twelve.

Без четверти / без пятнадцати двенадцать.

It's a quarter to twelve.

Of course, you can also be punctual to the minute in Russian:

The time in Russian (minutes)

Без пяти двенадцать.

It is five to twelve.

Двадцать минут пятого.

Its twenty past four.

Двенадцать минут седьмого.

It's twelve past six.

Двадцать два часа / десять часов двадцать три минуты.

It is twenty-two and twenty-three minutes.

In the next chapter you will learn another application of the Russian numbers: you will learn how to form the date in Russian.