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“At least they taste like anything at all,” say the astronauts. In addition, astronauts are less hungry and thirsty in space. What do astronauts eat on the ISS? Therefore, for astronauts, "eating in space is much, much more important than on the ground". Apart from that, the product is criticized every now and then, but the good rating outweighs most of the reviews. Everyday life in space is sometimes difficult, but always weightless - test your knowledge! Their arrival is a little like Christmas for the astronauts. How long was the longest spacewalk? Salty nuts, spicy chilli and very sweet granola bars are said to be the best sellers on the ISS menu. High calorie, practical for the reception and delicious food. Astronauts therefore particularly like to eat certain foods. Food intake is difficult for some people, especially as they get older, due to problems swallowing or chewing. Astronauts huddle up there with five other people they didn't choose of their own free will. How much does a spacesuit weigh? You sleep in your sleeping bag and get food ... start the quiz! The entire tray could be snapped into a stylish modular table around which the astronauts ate their meals together; in the middle was a porthole through which they could look at the earth while they were eating. Friederike Enke. Today astronauts on the International Space Station can enjoy a fresh salad or order extra hot sauce for their meals. Researching the Effects of How Eat Astronauts In Space It's an obvious fact that most users are extremely happy with How Eat Astronauts in Space. Eating, sleeping and working - that is the everyday life of the astronauts on the International Space Station. Space food will continue to evolve. Anyone who thinks about pastes from the tube is wrong. That was once upon a time, but today astroauts eat almost the same thing in space as they do on Earth. From pureed foods in aluminum tubes to fresh lettuce that grows in weightlessness, what astronauts eat in space is constantly changing. The daily ration of the cosmonaut of the Russian Federation is 3200 Kcal. 03/11/2011. Astronaut food being food for special medical purposes. Probably every boy in his childhood dreamed of being an astronaut flying to distant stars and a colony on the Mars. As adults, these guys acquire various professions, but hardly among them there is one who does not want to know what foods are the Astronauts. What do astronauts eat? ... But weightlessness makes everything different and, above all, complicated. What do astronauts eat? Eating astronauts in space. It is divided into 4 meals. Unmanned space freighters regularly bring new supplies, clothing and material for experiments to the ISS. This is also due to the weightlessness, which results in a reduced sense of taste and smell. When a transporter was delayed on an earlier ISS mission, the crew had to strictly ration their food to 1700 calories per person per day. Personal souvenirs for the ISS Most of the time it is more about "functional food".