Is Bristol a polluted city

Climate policy model Bristol

April 27, 2017, 3:40 pm

Long preparation

The British city has been working on this award for fifteen years. At the end of the 1990s, the port area was cleaned of oil and dirt and the areas made habitable, explains Alex MinShull, head of administration for the city of Bristol: "We combined the necessary with the useful. The polluted area had to be cleaned. But we wanted to bring life back to life Bringing the city center. If we hadn't used the port area again, we would probably have built up the city center with parking lots, for example.

The proportion of greenhouse gases has been falling since 2005, even though more and more companies are settling in here: "We succeeded in doing this because we started making households cleaner 15 years ago. We subsidized the renovation of residential buildings and replaced old oil heating systems at low cost. That saves Energy and pollutants in large parts of the city. "

Bristol Receives € 500M From UK Taxpayers To Curb Car Traffic; private investors are sought for building a low-carbon economy. The goal: 17,000 new "green jobs" by 2030: "These are of course traditional craft jobs. But people do other things. They deal with new building materials, for example. So traditional craft, but new challenges."

More demand, fewer pollutants

Bristol has the backing of British Prime Minister David Cameron and Parliament. Because in 2008 Great Britain was the first and so far only EU country to put climate change into law. While the rest of Europe is still working on strategies, Great Britain is working on its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, explains David Kennedy, head of the Climate Change Committee: "Cars dominate traffic. Industry is in demand, you can Do a lot with conventional cars too, plus electromobility. Our path is not foregoing. We want increasing demand, but nonetheless fewer pollutants. " But even in Bristol it sometimes stinks to heaven: When a VW Beetle drives into the sewage treatment plant to refuel. Volkswagen built a Beetle especially for Bristol that is powered by human waste.