A businessman can be verified on Twitter

How to get verified on Twitter (maybe)

Fake accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ can sometimes be a real problem. With a little skill, ingenuity and evil ulterior motives, people can create a deceptively real-looking profile of a person or institution and then benefit, for example, from their reputation and credibility. Cyberbullying and similar disgusting packs have already discovered this gap and create fake identities of strangers for a wide variety of reasons.

Against this background, it is not surprising that one or the other strives for a verification of his profile or his page. The “blue tick” signals to other users of the platform that the person, company or institution is actually the presence they are looking for.

Until some time ago there was no way to actively apply for such verification. It was assigned according to mostly ambiguous criteria. A certain celebrity has always been helpful. But now Twitter is also expanding the possibilities and offers (almost) everyone the opportunity to apply for such a verification process. Above all, those people who depend on a certain credibility, e.g. journalists, doctors, lawyers or business people, should benefit from this.

On Twitter, you start the procedure using an online form provided for this purpose.

However, you have to invest a little time in your profile beforehand. The platform expects a verified telephone number, a confirmed e-mail address, a completed biography, a profile and a header picture and other information. Twitter also seems to be very careful with personal information such as name or date of birth. In other words: colored eggs or “MausiKlausi987” will probably not have a chance to get the coveted hook in the future either. Further information can be found in a help text, which you should read carefully beforehand.

The verification process should generally not take more than 30 days. However, despite the extensive information, there is no guarantee that Twitter will comply with the request. Any small and undetectable “error” in the profile formalities can apparently ensure that the platform continues to refuse verification.

With Lars and Jens, for example, it doesn't seem to have worked so far, whatever the reason. As bloggers and journalists, they both meet the requirements.

According to the figures available so far, there are only about 190,000 verified accounts among the almost 300 million users of the platform.