Can you still be friends after the breakup?

Friendship with ex: what nobody tells you and how you use it [new strategy]

One often hears:

"Avoid friendship with the ex!"

What you will only find out here at scenario-two:

This is only the half truth.

Friendship with the ex can be a shot in the knee.

But if you use them properly, you can come back into the relationship much faster than without.

Are you ready for the turbo way back into the heart of your: r ex?

Then read on now!


Friendship with ex: the most important things in brief

# 1 know the difference!

Maybe you know headlines like "7 reasons why friendship with your ex is a bad idea."

What many hide or simply do not know:

There is one big difference between friendship with the ex and the friendzone.

Many say "friendship" but mean "friendzone".

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# 2 When is the right time to be friends with the ex

A friendship with the ex DIRECTLY after the breakup usually leads directly to the friend zone.

After separation, contact blocking is the method of choice.

And then you establish a casual friendship between you and your: r ex.

This is then your boat, as you can comfortably and easily sail back into the heart of your ex.

Also see this illustrative infographic:

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# 3 How to turn friendship back into love

So that your boat doesn't capsize halfway on the way to the heart of your ex, you need to know how to make love out of friendship again.

In this guide you will find out 2 brand new methodshow to make love out of friendship.

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What nobody knows: the big difference between "friendship" and friendzone

When winning back an ex, terms like "friendship" or "friendzone" are always buzzing around.

Unfortunately, most believe these are the same things.

That's not the case!

And unfortunately this IMPORTANT difference is not discussed in almost any other guide.
(and if so, then mostly not completely and crucial things are missing)

I can't say it enough:

Friendship is NOT the same as the Friendzone!

So friendship and friendzone are two fundamentally different things.

You MUST understand this difference if you want to get back together with your ex.

Friendzone = the death knell for your ex-back mission

Imagine the way back into the relationship with your ex like a hike up a mountain.

It's definitely not a Sunday walk, but with the right equipment you can do it.

When you slide into the friend zone, it's like being stolen from your equipment and exposed to the mountain at minus 10 ° C without shoes or jacket.

If you still love your: n ex and want him / her back, then you should absolutely AVOID the Friendzone!

But one by one, let's start with a look at what this dangerous friend zone is all about.

Why is the Friendzone so dangerous?

So that we are talking about the same thing here (and because many believe that Friendzone and Friendship are the same), I'll give you a definition:

Friendzone = Situation where one wants more from the other while the other just wants to be friends and where the other person knows that the other wants more from him.

But what is the great danger of the friend zone?

Ex back does NOT work in the friend zone!


After the breakup, your: e ex wants the best of both worlds:

Not being in a relationship with you anymore, but still having you in life.

This way, your: e ex will find it relatively easy to break away from you.

And that makes it extremely difficult to cause your ex to miss again.
(which is a basic requirement so that you can get into a relationship again)

Do you want it?

I do not think so.

So don't give this to the ex.


Don't slip into the friend zone!

If, on the other hand, you have slipped into the friend zone, then you continue here, namely with the reverse friend zone strategy.

Don't be afraid of friendship

Do not be afraid of "friendship", because you use this to get back into a relationship with your ex (what you have to avoid is the friend zone).

Friendship is not a desperate move on your part so that you can stick to the last few scanty contacts with your ex.
(that would be the friend zone)

No, on the contrary:

Friendship should be your new ticket to a relationship with your ex.

Striving for friendship is a good idea because it keeps communication channels open.

Incidentally, it also works through friendship if you want to win back your: n ex after months or years!

And that makes it a lot easier for you to get closer to your ex again

During this friendship you will also regain control and have enough time to seduce your: n ex again with text messages.
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When friendship is good and when a shot in the knee

Maybe you've read it on the internet or seen it on YouTube ...

Articles or videos entitled: "X reasons why friendship with your ex is a bad idea."


How does that fit together with what you've read in this guide so far?

In fact, it goes well together.


Because you have to differentiate between two points in time:
  1. Friendship with the ex DIRECTLY after the breakup
  2. Friendship with the ex AFTER the contact ban.

The strategy is essentially the following:

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Friendship DIRECTLY after the breakup

Think of it this way:

If your: e ex broke up and you may have already made one or the other ex-back mistake, such as

  • your: n ex trying to convince them to get back together with you,
  • beg your: n ex and ask to give you another chance or
  • texting your: r ex all the time.

You can see more ex-back mistakes in this video:

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In this case your: e Ex knowledgethat you want to get back in the relationship.

The result:

Friendship DIRECTLY after the breakup = Friendzone danger!

Now you will surely think:

Then I must not accept the offer under any circumstances if my: e ex offers me "stay friends"?

But on the contrary!

Friendship after being blocked

Because I said before that friendship is an ideal opportunity to get in touch with your ex.

Especially when it is your: e ex's birthday, you can use this for your purposes!

But as had already said:

Immediately after the separation, the contact block is mandatory.

But as soon as the contact block is over, the path leads back to friendship back into the heart of your: your ex.

Let's look again at the graphic from earlier:

Friendship with the ex AFTER the contact ban

Now we come to part of when you can use friendship with your ex to get back into a relationship.

To do this, let's take a look at what parts a relationship consists of.

And then you will find out about us “Recovering the step model from the ex”.

(I go into it in detail in this free video - click!)

This gives you a precise strategy on how to get back together with your ex through friendship.

Relationship = sum of many parts

A relationship always consists of many parts:

Part of the relationship is that intimacy.

This is the clearest part for many because you generally only do this with your partner.

People who jump into the box with their ex after the breakup have taken care of this intimate part.

But they still have to manage the other areas for a relationship.
(this is why sex with the ex after the relationship is often not the best idea)

Another part of relationship is support. On the one hand to seek help from the ex and to open up than on the other hand to help the ex further.

So you have to be each other's first point of contact for support and mutual help.

Also one common future is part of relationship.

And of course:

Also Friendship is part of a relationship.

In concrete terms, friendship means:
  • common interests
  • it's normal to write to each other or to meet up
  • you like to spend time together.

Without this requirement, i.e. without friendship, you cannot build anything that is important for a relationship.

Friendship is the foundation of a relationship, so to speak.

Recover the step model from the ex

You learned earlier that a relationship is always made up of many different parts.

The idea of ​​winning back the ex is now NOT to address these different parts all at the same time, but one after the other.

That leads us to the step model of ex-win back:

Friendship plays an important part here. Because it forms the foundation, so to speak.

That is why friendship comes first in this tiered model.

This means:

First of all, establish and establish contact.
(So ​​write to Ex and ONLY THEN to get into regular correspondence with the ex.)

The next step is to get a joint meeting.
(because that's what friends do too - they meet!)

And that is the brilliant thing about this concept:

Everything seems casual and "friendly". So you're diving under the ex's radar.

What comes after friendship?

Friendship is part of a relationship.

But now there are still other areas missing, such as

  • Support,
  • common future or
  • Intimacy.

These areas now need to be addressed step by step.

With this you increase, so to speak, your own status in the life of your ex and lead over to the relationship.

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Get your: n ex to invest and address the "support" part

To do this, we use the Benjamin Franklin effect.

The Online encyclopedia for psychology and education writes about this:

So the Benjamin Franklin Effect says that people who have been asked for personal favors will later classify you as more positive.

So the more your ex invests in your relationship, the more this relationship will mean to your ex.

That means:

It is much easier for you to get your: n ex to take the last step in the love relationship with you.
(with this technique you can almost push your ex there)


Stop doing things for your: n ex all the time, ask a favor yourself!

Very important:

It should already be plausible for your: n ex what favor you are asking.

If you know your: e ex doesn't know how to cook, then you shouldn't ask him / her how to piss out your steak.


Don't forget to thank your ex for his / her help!

Because if you are particularly attentive and cordial when your: e ex has done you a favor, then you are basically anchoring the good feelings for yourself.

So if he / she has helped you choose a new piece of clothing, be sure to say something like:

“Thank you for helping me with this. I couldn't have done that so well without your help! "

How you address a "common future"

You have just learned how to get your ex to invest with support.

Now we dedicate ourselves to the part of the "common" future.

Joint plans for the future are essential in relationships.


A love affair exists only in the moment.

What she lacks, however, are prospects for a future together.

So that tomorrow can still be as beautiful as it is today.

Is that what I mean when I speak of a “common future”?

This allows your: e ex to imagine spending time with you tomorrow, in 1 month and in 1 year.

Because there is a prospect of more beautiful moments.

How do you address this “common future”?

Very easily:

By planning and suggesting things that lie in the future.

For example, if you and your: e ex are fans of a certain band, you can book tickets that are in the future.

That sets a binding date for a joint venture IN THE FUTURE!

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2 reasons why becoming friends with your ex after the breakup is a bad idea

Most people find it very tempting to “stay friends” immediately after the breakup, because then the connection to / with the ex is not completely cut off.

"Is at least better than nothing", you will often think then.

Let me tell you:



I mentioned it briefly earlier.

For these 2 reasons, a friendship with the ex immediately after the breakup is a very bad idea:

Reason # 1: You give your ex the opportunity to break away from you

Your: e Ex didn't want a relationship anymore.

But he / she doesn't want to let go of you completely either.

As I mentioned before, your: e ex wants the best of two worlds. Namely, still contact, but also no longer a relationship.

In addition, you become the “emotional trash can” of your: r ex. You also support him / her in this way to break away from you.

As a result, you are, so to speak, a kind of "safety net".

According to the motto: "As long as I haven't found anyone else, we can still be friends."

So you are the emergency option UNTIL your ex has met someone else.

And that gets in the way of all of your ex-back efforts because it's the direct route into the friend zone.

Because your: e ex knows that you want more. But he / she doesn't want more from you right now. And that's a blatant imbalance - and exactly the definition of Friendzone!

Reason # 2: Your: e ex won't miss you

You can only miss what you don't have right now.

If I take your smartphone away from you, it probably won't be long before you start to miss it.

But if you can get it from me every time, then you would have no reason to miss it.

It's not there right now, but when you need it, it's available.

Friendship after separation (= friend zone) works the same way.

Your: e Ex no longer needs you all the time - but if you do, then you are immediately available.

In this way, your: e ex is loosing itself more and more of you.

And worse:

He / she will NEVER miss you like this.

But missing is key to undoing the breakup.


Friendship DIRECTLY after the breakup = Friendzone!

After separation, friendship is usually not possible because you have simply experienced too much together in a romantic relationship.

That's why the path almost always goes to the friend zone immediately after the breakup.

Do you really want to risk this?

I do not think so.

For friendship to be possible, some time must first have passed so that everything can normalize (= initiate contact block!).


Avoid staying friends DIRECTLY after the breakup!

Say this if your ex asks if you can stay friends

It is very possible that your ex asks you after the breakup if you can stay friends.

But now you know:

DIRECTLY after the separation, this is a poisoned offer, which ...

  • gives your: r ex the opportunity to break away from you and
  • does NOT bring you closer to a second relationship with your ex.

It's best to say something like this to keep all options open to you:

“I don't think being friends is a good idea right now. I first need time to process the separation, to sort things out for myself and to be clear about my feelings. "

With this message you keep the reins in your hand and don't run the risk of slipping into the friend zone immediately after the breakup.

(Remember the infographic above: After the breakup, friendship is not a good idea.)

What to do when you land in the friend zone? (Tip: Reverse Friendzone Strategy)

If you've slipped into the friend zone, you have 2 options:

  1. Do nothing and stay in the friend zone forever. (And hope you happen to get out again.)
  2. Use the reverse friendzone strategy.

So when you are in the friend zone, the most important thing is:

Don't freak out because nothing is lost yet. Your chances are still intact.

Provided you do the right thing!

Step # 1: be patient, because your ex must miss you again

If you are in the friend zone and want your ex back, one thing is very important:


Rome was not built in 1 day and God also took 6 days for the world and then took a day off.

Your: e ex broke up, so he / she is (currently!) Not interested in a relationship with you.

If you don't know how to rekindle feelings for yourself, then a common mistake is to give your ex an ultimatum:

Either relationship or nothing at all.

And don't push straight back in the direction of a relationship:

The one who holds out the longest wins the race and not the one who starts the fastest at the beginning.

What may seem like a brilliant idea at first may in reality be the death knell for your ex-back efforts.

Your: e ex has split up, so he / she will choose “nothing” in almost all cases. So no relationship; neither now nor anytime later.

Very important:

If you carry on as before, you will be stuck where you are: in the friend zone.

After all, your ex has no reason to change behavior.

Because the proven rule applies:

You only want to want back what you miss.

But how do you get your: n ex to miss you again despite Friendzone?

The next step is:

Step # 2: get off the gas (show less interest)

Take a step back, because the "relationship" between you is currently not balanced, but is shifted in interest towards you.

You are more interested in what your ex is doing than the other way around.

So make yourself scarce and actively do things for yourself during this time.

You can then also post your activities on social media. You can find out exactly how this works in our social media strategy (click here!).

And don't always write back straight away or leave a message or call unanswered.

In this way you also avoid the danger of becoming an “emotional trash can”.

When you have done that, it continues with the missing trigger ...

Step # 3: how to get your: n ex to miss you again

You can't get out of the friend zone if you can't make your ex start missing you during this time.

So don't just write for the sake of writing and don't do everything your ex wants you to.

Instead, create a space where your: e Ex doesn't see anything of you, so he / she has to think for himself what you're doing.

(You can find more about this in our standard work, namely the Missing Strategy.)

Of course, continue to focus on yourself.

And use our social media strategy so that your: e ex also notices!

If you set the pace, then your ex has to decide whether he / she wants to be with you (you're cool now!) Or not

And then your: e ex also gets to the point where he / she says: "Yes, let's be together again!"

Now that you have held back a little and your ex first feelings of missing spread, you can now go on the offensive again:

Step # 4: Break the Friendzone Behavior

Keep an eye out how your: e ex is acting towards you.

If the Whatsapps, SMS etc. are always only superficial, then this is typical Friendzone behavior.

Even if you write flirty text messages and your: e ex doesn't get involved or even ignores them.

Only when your mutual messages become more emotional and deeper again do you have a chance to get out of the friend zone.

The right Text messaging that will melt the heart of your ex is not that difficult.
... if you know how!

So be sure to take a look at our course Ex back with SMS at.

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Or explained using the example of a joint meeting. If there is no physical contact and only superficial drivel, then that is Friendzone behavior.

Only when you manage to get closer to your ex physically and emotionally will you get out of Friendzone.


If you have the feeling that it amounts to Friendzone behavior, then you can always distance yourself and initiate a mini-contact block.

During this time you can find out whether your: e ex will contact you of his own accord.

What's next?

The path from friendship to relationship can be a little more difficult.

We have included our success course so that you can actually go this way and not only slip into the friend zone Recover Ex 3.0 Now a step-by-step master plan included.

In it you can see all the steps that you have to take into the heart of your ex.

Guaranteed Friendzone-free :-)!

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We do our best to answer you as soon as possible!

All the best,