When will India have a dictatorship?

A contribution by Jens Wäckerle

The prognoses for India and China couldn't be more different. Although both countries continue to grow rapidly and have huge populations, China's future is generally viewed much more positively than India's. An article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung comes to the following conclusion:

"Along with Russia and Brazil, China and India belong to the club of the so-called Bric countries, but India has long since ceased to be considered as having the same opportunities as China. According to World Bank figures, the per capita income in India in 2012 was 1,489 and in China At the start of an event in Davos, India is now in the group of the “fragile five”, consisting of Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa, classified. "

Could the main reason for this difference between countries be in the political system? Are populations over 1 billion people and huge differences between rich and poor not compatible with a democratic system? Finally: What effect does this conclusion have on our understanding of a liberal, democratic state, which we generally see as a guarantee of prosperity and quality of life?