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VW Ameo: The cheapest VW in the world?

Cheap cars? In this country you think of Dacia or Lada. But VW also has one - albeit in India. The Ameo is the first VW model that was specially developed for the Indian market and is also being built there (in Pune, West India). This is the only reason why the Ameo can be sold extremely cheaply. The situation is similar with the small SUV Renault Kwid, which relies on local suppliers.

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The Ameo was presented in February 2016; it is based on the PQ25 platform of the VW Polo V. The equipment includes cruise control, an air-conditioned glove compartment and a reversing camera. The sight is familiar up to the C-pillar, but then it is followed by a notchback as short as if you had parked the Ameo too close to a guillotine. But the idiosyncratic rear part has a specific purpose: Since the Ameo remains just under four meters in length, only 12.5 percent tax is due instead of the usual 24 percent, a special incentive in the Indian market. In addition, Indian customers have a preference for classic limousines.

On the engine side, there is currently a 1.0 MPI suction gasoline engine for the VW Ameo with 76 hp and 95 Newton meters of torque, we know the three-cylinder in Europe from the VW Up, where it will soon be out of the range. The alternative is a 1.5 TDI with 110 PS and 250 Newton meters of torque, it is also available with DSG as an option. The price starts at the equivalent of 7,279 euros, the diesel costs at least 8,745 euros. This should make the Ameo one of the cheapest VW models on the globe. As a "Highline Plus" top model, the petrol engine ranks at the equivalent of 9,792 euros, while the diesel with DSG costs 12,464 euros.

In 2020, stricter emissions standards will come into force, which will start a new chapter in the Indian car market. In an unusual step, the government decided to skip an emissions standard and switch directly from the current BS-IV standard (Euro 4) to BS-VI (Euro 6). Thanks to timely developments, all models of the Volkswagen Group based on the 'INDIA 2.0' strategy will meet these standards. To further reduce emissions and reduce dependence on imported energy sources, the Ministry of Energy has set a sales target of 30 percent electric vehicles for 2030.

The group is aiming for a market share of five percent by 2025. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, says about the transfer of cutting-edge technology to India and its transfer to Volkswagen vehicles and local production: “In concrete terms, we want to achieve a joint market share for Volkswagen and ŠKODA of around five percent by 2025 in India. "

The Volkswagen Group will invest one billion euros in the implementation of the project between 2019 and 2021. To ensure that the products are perfectly tailored to the Indian market, Skoda has set up a development center in the country. The new model offensive begins in 2020 with a medium-sized SUV specially developed for the Indian market in one of the fastest growing sectors in India.

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