Who inspired you to be healthy?

The heart of an entrepreneur - The inspiration

If you look for it, you won't find it. If you share it, it multiplies. And if it is missing, you can feel it very clearly. We're talking about inspiration. My following blog article will be about the nourishment of the soul and why inspiration is the linchpin of every entrepreneurial activity.

The reason why inspiration is so important is that it helps you move your projects forward and put them into practice.

William Blake once said: "Those who suppress their dreams can only do so because their dreams are so weak that they can be suppressed." A dream can become an inspiration and an inspiration can be conditioned by a dream at the same time be. A dream without the corresponding inspiration is empty and weak, so it is not unlikely that it will soon be brushed aside.

Inspirations should therefore be deepened and nurtured. They are like embers that can develop into a blazing fire if stoked accordingly.

Etymologically, the word “inspiration” comes from the Latin and means something like to breathe in or to breathe a mind into a thing. While your ideas are just lifeless shells, your inspiration will give them a soul. Your ideas spring from nowhere, but your inspiration brings them to life.

The biggest problem with inspiration, however, is that it is purely passive. You can only be inspired or be inspired by something. So the question is, where is the best place to look for inspiration when you're in crisis?

The places where you can best look for and find your inspiration are highly individual and differ from person to person. For some, a little anecdote that they randomly catch is enough, for others, a piece of music or a good book.

The tricky thing about inspiration is that you can neither force nor purposefully direct or even manipulate it. They are simply unreliable and the only thing in your sphere of control is to create a healthy breeding ground for an inspiration that comes over you to settle down without any problems.

You will probably know it best yourself, when you urgently need a new and particularly creative inspiration, you will only find emptiness and ... well ... nothing ... in your brain. But especially when you bite into something and your thoughts literally wander in circles, you are certainly not susceptible to inspiration.

Therefore, you should regularly remind yourself to take a so-called creative break. This serves you to deal with a completely different topic first and to distract you from the fact that you are waiting for an inspiring inspiration.

Another good way to find inspiration can be to write down all the thoughts that are bothering you about your current topic and that are floating around in your head. You can always do this well in the form of a brainstorming session if you only feel emptiness in your head.

By fixing your thoughts in writing and visualizing them again, you will find it easier to be inspired by the chaos in your head. In addition, you will always be able to remember the path that led to your ultimate inspiration and be able to retrace it.

However, if you are one of those people who speak the word inspiration Google to find a suitable source of inspiration, then you are not the only one who believes that taking a shortcut will get you there faster.

Of course, there is basically nothing against looking for one or the other source of creativity on the Internet, but I personally think it makes far more sense to focus on people who inspire you.

But who is one of these people I am talking about? Basically, in my opinion, it includes everyone who pursues their individual goals and lives their passions. These people infect others with their visions and ideas because they burn for their ideas themselves. And that can be quite inspiring if you ask me.

After all, a fire that you want to kindle in others must first burn in yourself.

Dream as the source of your inspiration

But great personalities have also been inspired by other things and events. For Isaac Newton it took an apple falling from a tree to give him the inspiration for his theory of gravity.

Don't worry, I don't mean to tell you now, if you are looking for inspiration, spend most of the time under apple trees and let the falling fruits hit you. After all, sources of inspiration for everyone are individual and unfortunately it is mostly chance encounters or discoveries that give you such creative inspiration.

Time and leisure are necessary in this case, because as the saying goes: "The grass does not grow faster if you pull on it" - it is the same with your inspiration. As I have already told you, your dreams can also be the source of your inspiration. And what do you need to dream Really a stress-free environment.

The more you crave for inspiration, the less likely it will come over you. Therefore, try to look at your question and your problem from different perspectives and with the appropriate distance.

The deceptive thing about inspiration is that you can't hold onto it any longer than it may last. It is like a gentle breath that caresses you, but can be followed in the next instant.

Inspiration is important in everyday business life to give your work a new drive from time to time. By being inspired, you can come up with new ideas, bring in other concepts and grow as a result.

Ultimately, inspiration leads to creativity. Your creativity and your inspiration should therefore form the framework for all your entrepreneurial work and your future ideas.

On the other hand, you will definitely want to inspire other people with your ideas. It is like fire, if you don't have one yourself, you can't pass one on.

Inspiration doesn't just help you as an entrepreneur

The inspiration I am talking about, which is extremely important in a business sense, is therefore an interrelationship. You will always have to look for new sources of inspiration, while at the same time you have to be a source of inspiration for your customers and your employees.

After all, everyone knows that yawning feeling of boredom, which comes all too easily in the daily grind. Integrated into the daily routine and everyday stress, it is not always easy to remain open to events that could potentially inspire you.

At the same time you will be extremely grateful for every inspiration from outside, everyone who stands out from the crowd and thereby enables you to open up a new perspective and expand your field of vision. Because don't forget: inspiration and creativity are the nourishment of our soul and make life worth living. If you want to know something about creativity techniques, then this way.

Last but not least, I would like to throw in a little quote from Khalil Gibran, which touched me a lot when I founded my company and which still serves as a source of further inspiration to this day:

“Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your sailing soul. If the sails or oars break, all you can do is lurch and drift. Because reason is, when it rules alone, an incoming force and unguarded passion is a flame that burns to the point of self-destruction. "

In the best case, this little quote will become a source of inspiration for yourself, if not, it doesn't matter and you can still pass it on to third parties 🙂

Stay motivated Felix