Which religious behaviors do atheists unconsciously use?

Why are you an atheist?

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Is there a god? For around five percent of the total Austrian population, this question can be answered with a clear no. Prayers and church visits give them nothing, and religious holidays come and go with no further meaning. Often the foundation for this belief is laid in a non-religious home. For those who played only a negligibly small role or no role at all in childhood, who were exempt from religious instruction and who did not attend the usual rites, will not necessarily feel the urge for a divine presence in their life as an adult. Just like this Reddit user:

But even a strictly religious upbringing can have the opposite effect on children:

No evidence for it - evidence against it?

Some simply lack the evidence of godlike existence. For others, the ubiquitous suffering in the world is enough proof that there can be no God. The often-used statement, "God expects you only as much as you can endure - you will overcome the problems, it is your way in life", is only a provocation for some:

And still others think it like Lemmy Kilmister, who said: "Religion is stupid anyway. I mean: A virgin gets pregnant from a ghost! That wouldn't get you very far before the divorce judge."

Atheist out of conviction?

How long have you been calling yourself an atheist? Was there a specific trigger or was it a long process? Is there any aspect that believers envy you? Did your atheism create conflict within the family? Share your experiences in the forum! (aan, 12.12.2017)