How do I put the coil together

Placing the bobbin in the sewing machine is always a tricky part to get the sewing machine ready to go.

Maybe you haven't sat at the sewing machine for a while and have since forgotten what it was like again?

Or you have your first sewing machine and are still at the very beginning. All the levers and buttons are still completely alien to you.

Today I'll show you how to put your bobbin in the sewing machine.

The sewing machine is not rocket science, but all parts that belong to the sewing machine must be properly fitted so that everything works properly. A bit like a clockwork, only when everything interlocks it runs smoothly :-)

Always take the time to check everything before you start. It's absolutely annoying when you start your next project right away and after the first 8 inches. notice that the threads are not inserted correctly, something is wrong.

My video today is about the coil system that probably causes most of the headaches. It is very common in older or inexpensive machines and in cheap machines from discount stores.

We distinguish between two different systems for coils.

  1. the lying system, in which you can see the bobbin from above on your sewing machine through a transparent cover
  2. the system where the bobbin is on the front of the sewing machine and you have to open a flap to see it and take it out.

It is with both systems Not no matter how you insert the bobbin. In principle, it is important that the thread does not unwind too quickly. To do this, it has to unwind in a certain direction in order to make neat stitches together with the upper thread.

If you have not inserted the bobbin correctly, your stitch pattern will have strange loops on the back of the fabric. The cause of the error for these loops is very often the wrong insertion of the bobbin in the sewing machine.

In this video I will show you how to insert the bobbin when you get to your bobbin via the front flap.

With this type of sewing machine, as I show it in the video, it is very easy to insert it incorrectly.

Check out this short video and you will know what to look out for in particular.

Insert the bobbin

If you have a machine where you can access your bobbin from above, through the transparent cover, you very often have a simple drawing on the bobbin cover that shows you how to insert your bobbin. Take a look at your machine, do you discover drawing? If you don't have a drawing, you can look it up in the instruction manual.

Perhaps inserting the bobbin incorrectly is a mistake that often happens to you. Now you can finally ensure that the stitch pattern is reliably beautiful.

I wish you every success in implementing it.

Do you know my video with the 3 tips for your start at the sewing machine? If you are just starting to learn to sew, the article and video are sure to give you some valuable tips. Here is the link to the article


If you have any further questions, please write to me in the comments.


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