You can spray paint over finished wood

Tired of a roller or a brush? Try a paint sprayer or spray paints. spraying saves a lot of time. Paint spray systems enable even paint to be applied - up to three times faster than with conventional painting tools.

Advantages of paint spray systems

Optimal surface coating

In contrast to conventionally painted surfaces, sprayed and therefore finely coated surfaces are characterized by a higher level of weather resistance. The micro-fine surface coating is used for hygiene, so a smooth coated surface is easier to clean and the paint film prevents the formation of mold, especially on wood.

Thanks to the innovative technology of the paint sprayers, you can achieve perfect coverage. Compared to brush application, a closed, homogeneous layer of paint is achieved with spray technology after the first paint application.

One paint sprayer - many possible uses! With sprayers of all kinds you can not only freshen up your interior and exterior walls, you can also coat windows, doors or furniture or paint your garden fence.

Paint spray systems are easy to use and clean. With the Click & Paint system, for example, the paint-carrying parts can be separated from the turbine, thus enabling simple and problem-free cleaning and a particularly fast color change.

Compared to conventional brushes, paint sprayers save a lot of time, especially on large surfaces. But you are also much faster when coating delicate objects, especially with fine spray systems. Even angles and hard-to-reach places that you can hardly reach with the brush can be glazed or varnished in no time thanks to the precisely adjustable color jet.

Even with paint sprayers for walls and ceilings, the laborious pre-painting of corners and edges with a brush is no longer necessary. The paint is sprayed on quickly and evenly in one operation.

Clean and perfect result

Painting becomes child's play with a paint sprayer:

  • not a drop or spill
  • even, covering paint application after one pass of paint
  • clean edges and corners thanks to precise paint application

What do you want to spray?

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