Is KMIT an autonomous university

Autonomous University (AHS)

The Autonomous University in Eupen combines profound training, studies and research, especially in the areas of care, education and administration.

Fit in social skills

The Autonomous University (AHS) of the German-speaking Community in Eupen, Belgium, has an eye on the areas that are particularly important for the future: health and care, education and administration. This is where the course is set for a modern society. And it is precisely in these subjects that the AHS offers in-depth training. The university serves as a training center for young Europeans, from preparation for the technical high school diploma to the bachelor’s degree and scientific research. It is well networked with partner universities and schools in neighboring countries.

The university is well anchored in the Eifel and implements its human values. And so it is also about life issues that motivate and strengthen young people holistically. “Happiness and the art of living in philosophy and teaching” is the name of an event for prospective teachers. Another school-based training program for the technical diploma offers the qualification to become a children's entertainer. The AHS also provides its own science that is relevant to society as a whole, for example within the framework of the Institute for Democratic Education. New concepts for youth work are developed here.