How important is leg day

Why you should never miss out on the rest of the day

The most underestimated factor in your training success is recovery. Here you can find out why the Rest Day even helps you achieve your goals more quicklyto reach.

What's the rest day?

Rest day stands for Rest day or Recovery day and describes all non-training daysthat serve the complete recovery of your body. On these days you simply give your body a break from training in order to increase your performance. You will soon find out how it works.

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Why is the rest of the day so important?

When you train you demand a lot from your body. At the Strength training add your Muscles for example tiny small micro-cracks that your body then wants to heal again. Yours Muscles So do not grow at all during training, even if it looks like this due to the pump. In reality to grow them only in the time in which you give them one Breakindulge and your body has time to rebuild the damaged tissue.

At Endurance sports it looks a little different. Here you not only bring your muscles to theirs Exhaustion limit, but your whole Cardiovascular system. But it starts here too Adjustment process only when your body gets a break. This is the only way to optimally prepare for the next load.

By the way: Using the recovery phase properly, adjusting the time for your next training session correctly and thus increasing your performance as best as possible is called supercompensation.

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When is it time for a rest day?

How often you should take a rest day depends on many different factors. First and foremost is your general one Training condition. Those who are already well trained usually have a shorter recovery time and can train again more quickly.

Especially Beginner but run the risk too fast, too much to dobecause they want to see success quickly. Much helps a lot is true in training but unfortunately not. But on the contrary. If you train non-stop, you will eventually get more and more Reduce performance. In the worst case, you will injure yourself and then have to take a forced break.

Do the following key points apply to you?

  • You haven't made any progress in training for a while.
  • Your stamina is more likely to deteriorate than to improve.
  • You get unusually strong and prolonged sore muscles.
  • You feel tired and drained all the time.

If several of these points apply to you, they are reliable signs that your body needs a break again.

If you give your body too seldom a break to recover, you run the risk of so-called overtraining.

Are you already overtraining?

What you can still do on the rest of the day

The rest of the day should be a rest for you. This means no intense strength training and also noEndurance run above long distances. You just can't keep your feet still and still want to move?

No problem, Rest Day doesn't mean that you should just lie around on the couch and do nothing. The Rest Day is perfect for having a relaxed something for your Mobilityto do. Or do one Cycling tour at easy pace, all without pressure to perform.

Editor's tip: Or you do some relaxation exercises. AYoga flow, meditation or the Progressive Muscle Relaxation are particularly well suited for this.

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  • The rest of the day is a decisive factor for the success of the training.
  • Muscles do not grow during training but rather during the recovery phase.
  • Endurance athletes also regularly need a rest day to fully recover.
  • Listen to your body and regularly give it a day of rest.
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