Are schizophrenics telepathic

Schizophrenic Disorders

It is considered to be the ultimate psychiatric illness. One in 100 people will develop schizophrenic disorder in their lifetime. It is not uncommon. In fact, everyone should have met someone somewhere who suffers from it. Schizophrenia has many manifestations - light or severe, sudden or creeping, dramatic or barely noticeable to outsiders. It can be completely cured or it can become permanent. Common to all sick people is the occurrence of characteristic disorders: Thoughts are entered or withdrawn, one hears voices speaking about one, often commenting on one's own thoughts and actions or possibly insulting one. Some feel like they are intoxicated or under hypnosis. Perhaps you think you are being remotely controlled by telepathy or radio. Many people with schizophrenia experience severe anxiety and panic; some have got used to appearing outwardly completely calm and seemingly uninvolved. Some explain the unpleasant, often terrible experiences with strange, seemingly crazy stories. Or they withdraw more and more and isolate themselves. Some are so distracted that they no longer have real control over their behavior and thus attract attention.

The causes of schizophrenia have not yet been clarified. Obviously, different factors - disposition, psychological and social factors - have to come together to cause the disease. But the sentence of the Swiss psychiatrist Manfred Bleuler from 1987 still applies: "According to our current knowledge, schizophrenia in most cases means the special development, the special life path of a person under particularly serious internal and external disharmonious conditions, which development has exceeded a threshold value, after which the confrontation of the personal inner world with reality has become too difficult and too painful and has been given up ".

As serious as the disease may be, there are now very good treatment options that enable the vast majority of those affected to lead a largely unencumbered life. This includes relief and protection, the promotion of self-help and training in dealing with the disease, drug treatment, psychotherapy, sociotherapy and occupational integration measures.

The LVR clinics participate in measures to improve the quality of schizophrenia treatment (benchmarking). In addition, the university clinics in Düsseldorf and Essen belong to the national competence network for schizophrenia. Research is carried out here so that those affected and their relatives can be helped even better.