What are the rules of Spanish grammar

Learn and practice Spanish grammar online


Learn and practice Spanish grammar online with Lingolia! In our simple and clear explanations, you will learn how to create and use it in no time at all. In the interactive exercises you can practice the rules and receive immediate feedback with a German translation and an explanation of the correct solution.

With Lingolia Plus you get access to all additional exercises in Spanish grammar and can thus learn Spanish even better.

Times indicative

Learn and practice the Spanish times. Here you will find all the rules for formation and use with example sentences.

Times subjunctive

Learn which verbs and expressions in Spanish use the Subjunctive and when we have to use which tense.

Times comparison

With our comparisons you will learn to distinguish the Spanish times. Then test your knowledge in the exercises.


Here you will find explanations and exercises for: ser and estar,Gerundio, Participles, modal verbs, reflexive verbs, passive and imperative.


Learn and practice how to distinguish masculine and feminine nouns in Spanish and how to form the plural.


Nouns are usually accompanied by an article. Learn more about definite and indefinite articles in Spanish here.


Here you can find information about the personal, possessive, reflexive, relative, interrogative, demonstrative and indefinite pronouns.


Adjectives indicate how someone or something is. Learn and practice the ending, position and enhancement of Spanish adjectives.


With adverbs we provide information about place, time, reason or manner. Learn all about Spanish adverbs and test your knowledge in the exercises.


Prepositions often cause problems because they cannot be translated 1: 1. Here you can learn and practice the correct use of the Spanish prepositions.

Sentence structure

In this area you will learn the word order and other special features in Spanish sentences. You can test your knowledge in the exercises.