What are internship packages for the construction industry of the BHU

The traffic systems we work on help ensure mobility and cover a very broad spectrum. In addition to the public sector, we are also trustees and competent consultants for private builders.

We always have and find new and innovative approaches to the design of roads and trampoline projects. Another mainstay in addition to traffic systems is the creation of parks and playgrounds in public and private spaces. We work in partnership with landscape architects and other players.

We offer you an all-round package and professionally solve those problems that remain invisible under the floor after completion. We are specialists in dealing with the requirements for equality for disabled people and their consistent implementation in our projects.

We are not only interested in the here and now, but especially in the future. Every project - regardless of whether it is a new building, renovation or redesign - drives us forward. With our vast knowledge, many years of experience and a wide range of skills, we successfully implement projects for you.

Cedric Hausammann
Head of Department
Cedric Hausammann
Head of Department

061 365 24 14

Tram 3, Burgfelderstrasse, Basel-Stadt

Renewal of Elsässer- and Hüningerstrasse, Basel-Stadt

Reinacherstrasse, Münchenstein

Liestaleranlage, Basel-Stadt

Münchensteinerbrücken, Basel-Stadt

Waldenburgerbahn, BLT

Abolition of the Grellingen level crossing, Basel-Landschaft

Bridge Obertalhaus, Bubendorf BL

Zürcherstrasse, BVB Basel-Stadt

Below Schellenberg and Hackbergstrasse, Riehen

Repair of Schwertrainstrasse, Münchenstein

Northern bypass Saanen, Canton of Bern

Redesign of Voltastrasse and Gasstrasse, Basel-Stadt

National road N02

N20.1.3, Urdorf - Bergermoos, junction

Maintenance project A12 Flamatt - Bümplitz