How can I make money without a job

How to make a lot of money without a job

Earning money with reviews is easy: you write a report on any product. Other people read this and rate it. For each review you get a small amount of money. However, you have to get people to do it first. People who are actually interested in the product usually disappear again without evaluation.

For this reason, so-called click networks are formed with other evaluators. They work according to the principle “you rate me - I rate you”. This is how everyone gets their money. However, this requires constant proofreading. If you have built up a large network, this can take several hours a day. In return, with a lot of vigor, you can earn between 50 and 100 euros within a few months. But you should write at least one article every day and proofread it with at least 100 other people, otherwise nothing will come of it.

That too Rate products or online shops on Facebook or Google is paid by some companies. However, these practices are not wanted by the platform operators. There is still a very large market for To write Amazon reviews or Google recessions positive or negativeto change the online reputation of a product or a company.

In addition, product tests can be downloaded as Experience reports sold directly to online shops which in turn will this as testimonials on the product page or shown to potential buyers as a sales promotion. These practices are also illegal, but they are still being asked for more and more frequently and are enjoying increasing popularity, but you won't get rich with them, and certainly not without a job.

My best tips:

  1. Find a reputable provider with good earning potential!
  2. If you enjoy reading texts and writing reviews, this is the right job for you!
  3. But remember: it is a job with a lot of work that does not generate passive income!
Time required:High, a few hours a day depending on the extent
possible income:x - xxx € per month
Investments, costs, capital:Low, from 0 € to low 2-digit per year
Passive Income?No
Possible as a part-time job?Yes
Possible as a student?Yes
My risk-success rating1 out of 5 stars
Example / platform / portals / content for further education