You can drive a Ferrari GTC4Lusso every day

Ferrari GTC4Lusso: The darn seventh year

Cortina d'Ampezzo - For a real car freak, being married to a woman whose blood is at least 98 octane is a blessing. Not that handbags and shoes have no place in her world, but she also appreciates when she has the right car. In short, on the wedding day you can draw on unlimited resources. Jewels, sewn leather or a bolide. She is not sensitive there. Accordingly, the eyes and the trembling voice became moist when I asked whether a day of driving a Ferrari wasn't an appropriate wedding anniversary present.

That's how quickly you become the "best man in the world". The fact that the Ferrari is the new GTC4Lusso and is waiting in South Tyrol also brought in a hug that should not be broadcast on public television before 10 p.m.

Fluffy clouds, special light

The week leading up to the wedding anniversary was certainly one of the most beautiful of this seven-year marriage. The high day itself began wonderfully. The mountain peaks of South Tyrol speared fluffy, white clouds while the sun was already warming the hotel's terrace. It was a very special light, the air so clear and the coffee so Italian. Add to that the tingling excitement and childlike anticipation - paired with a lot of respect.

You don't jump into a Ferrari like you jump into a rental panda. More like a cat for hot milk, one creeps around the car, looks at it from all sides, teasingly touches it here and there, strokes its flanks, gently pats the glass roof and breathes the scent.

Facelift Ferrari

Basically, the GTC4Lusso is just a facelift of the FF. But the new rear section is fascinating - just like the entire vehicle concept of the luxury athlete.

An "everyday car" has never been so beautiful. With the GTC4Lusso, Ferrari primarily wants to appeal to younger customers - those with families. This is why the 450 liter trunk is so important. But this one and the new rear lights are completely irrelevant once we get to the engine.

690 PS strong V12

Because the FF customers have complained that the car is so loud in the city, Ferrari has made the GTC4Lusso a little quieter. Now it just puts your hair on your arm and doesn't rip it out of your skin when the 6.262 liter V12 vacuum cleaner comes into service.

Ferrari completely redesigned the engine and found 30 horses hidden somewhere between the twelve interlocked pistons.

The engine now delivers 690 hp - at 8000 tours. "But please don't worry," said engine boss Vittorio Dini the evening before, "even at low engine speeds there is enough power to make good progress."

Two tons live weight

If I remember correctly, it is 430 hp at 2000 rpm, and I can confirm that this is enough to drive away - although the GTC4 Lusso, with its live weight of almost two tons, weighs more than our everyday car including wife, husband and Gadsen .. .

Ferrari not only tickles more power, but also more torque from the V12 vacuum cleaner. This was made possible by increasing the compression. The FF has already preferred 98 octane, but the GTC4 can also handle 91 octane if necessary. It should sell well all over the world.

Stroking and posing

Incidentally, it also tolerates curves quite well. You can use the luxury sledge not only to stroke and pose, but also to let the South Tyrolean mountains shake.

With the GTC4, the rear axle now also steers. One time to stabilize the car, another time to make it more agile. When the wheels turn where, the car calculates itself. And it works great. Suddenly there are speeds in the tight bends that make it possible to rewrite the physics books.

The Lusso has built in a lot of electronic bells and whistles, but so skillfully that it is never annoying. The driver assistants talk to the seven-speed dual clutch transmission, the E-Diff does what the driver wants anyway, and the infotainment systems are also boah.

Fuel consumption, yes, it has

But then it is noticeable that something is missing. Ferrari has hidden a few things - for example, all the switches that you would expect on the steering column are located on the steering wheel. But the search, even in the depths of the displays, does not bring us to the current fuel consumption. Doesn't matter anyway. Will something trickle in.

The car sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds. That alone helps to imagine how you can be pressed into the seat after the curve, once the accelerator has kissed the floor plate. A speed of 200 is reached in less than eleven seconds. Coming out of the bend, a passenger would not have the slightest chance to reach forward and play on the passenger display.

rude awakening

I would have liked to tell my wife all this when I got home from driving a Ferrari on the wedding day, a minute before midnight. But she has already slept. And after I woke her up, the darned seventh year started right away. Driving a Ferrari on your wedding day may not be so great after all. (Guido Gluschitsch, July 10, 2016)



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