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The Bishopric of Saint Cloud (lat .: Dioecesis Sancti Clodoaldi, English: Diocese of Saint Cloud) is a Roman Catholic diocese located in Minnesota, United States and headquartered in Saint Cloud.

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Pope Pius IX founded the Vicariate Apostolic North Minnesota on February 12, 1875 from cessions of territory of the diocese of Saint Paul.

On September 22, 1889, it was raised to a diocese, which was subordinated to the Archdiocese of Saint Paul as a suffragan diocese. It lost part of its territory on October 3 of this year in favor of the establishment of the diocese of Duluth.


The Diocese of Saint Cloud includes the counties of Stearns, Sherburne, Benton, Morrison, Mille Lacs, Kennebec, Isanti, Pope, Stevens, Traverse, Grant, Douglas, Wilkin, Otter Tail, Todd and Wadena of the state of Minnesota.


Vicar Apostolic of Northern Minnesota

  • Rupert Seidenbusch OSB (February 12, 1875– October 19, 1888)

Bishops of Saint Cloud

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