What do I wear on a date

How to find the perfect outfit for the first date

From STYLEBOOK | October 24, 2017, 6:32 p.m.

Who does not know it? A woman likes someone, the first date is coming up, but before the fun can start, the first question arises: What am I wearing ?! STYLEBOOK gives tips so that choosing an outfit for the first date is no longer so difficult.

First of all: that a There is no right outfit for the first date. It depends much too much on who is going on the first date with whom. But you shouldn't care about your outfit either. Because: If you don't know us, you automatically judge the external appearance first. In addition to appearance and body language, this also includes clothes.

You should keep these tips in mind when wearing your first date outfit

Be yourself!

Do you prefer to wear comfortable tops, jeans and sneakers? Then just because of a first date you don't get the idea of ​​squeezing yourself into dizzying high heels and a tight mini dress. Not only does it look silly when a woman cannot walk on her shoes, you also look disguised in the wrong outfit. You'd better just wear what you like, what you feel comfortable in and what you find pretty - that's what you radiate!

Clean clothes

No matter what you wear, make sure that the clothes are clean and do not smell. This suggests to the other person, at least subconsciously, that you didn't just slip into something at random and without looking and that the date is important to you - and that you also know how to operate a washing machine.

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Do not exaggerate

Would you like to charm him or her with your charms? Then put your favorite part of the body in the limelight - but you should really only focus on one place. Too many sexy stimuli can quickly appear too much.

Style yourself for the occasion

When choosing your outfit, you should also consider what you are going to do with the chosen one. If you go for a fancy meal, you will need high heels much more than for a walk on the beach. If it's a classic dinner-out date, trousers, skirts, etc. that are too tight are not the best choice.

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Red, the color of love ...

Various studies have shown that red is the most seductive color on a woman for men. According to Rochester University in New York, men fall in love much faster with a woman who wears red. This can be traced back to our biological instincts: men think we are particularly fertile when we wear red.

Emphasize the waist

Men unconsciously check women for fertility signs, so feminine, curvy hourglass silhouettes are particularly desirable for many. So put what they have to offer in the limelight. Waist belts can help focus on the center of the body, as can figure-hugging dresses with colored inserts in the right places.

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Subtle make-up

When it comes to make-up, less is more. It is better to put on a subtle make-up than to hide behind a mask. A little blush, mascara and a nice lipstick - preferably in red - are perfect to turn the date's head. Because as already learned: The color red makes women look sexually attractive and desirable. But the same applies here: If you don't wear lipstick otherwise, you shouldn't pretend to be on a date. Natural women are usually even best received.

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