Who is Ryan Reynolds currently married to?

Ryan Reynolds shares photo with wife and baby - and a call

General elections will be held in Canada on October 21. Ryan Reynolds, born in Vancouver, Canada, calls for voting. He also shares a photo with his wife and the youngest offspring.

Actor Ryan Reynolds has posted a photo showing him with his wife Blake Lively and their youngest child in a forest. The couple beam happily at each other. With the picture, the 42-year-old shares a message on Twitter.

The "Deal Pool" star wrote about the photo: "I love B.C.! I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground on which I grew up." To do this, he sets the Canadian flag. B.C. stands for British Columbia, by the way. Reynolds was born in Vancouver, Province of Canada. He uses the Twitter post to call for voting. "The candidate you vote for on October 21 will shape climate policy. I am proud of the progress Canada has made on climate protection over the past four years."

Neither Reynolds nor Lively had yet commented on the birth of their third child or even confirmed it. Now they show themselves for the first time with their baby - even if the child's face has been made unrecognizable - and reveal through Reynolds' comment that they have become parents to a girl for the third time. The little one was born just a few days ago. Lively and Reynolds got married in 2012 and already four-year-old James and two-year-old Inez. The name of the baby is currently unknown.