How do I download Kodi

Smart home Kodi on the Fire TV Stick - this is how it works


Amazon's Fire TV series is an extremely versatile streaming solution out of the box. In addition to internal Amazon services such as Prime Video or Audible, there are apps for practically all relevant streaming services, such as Netflix or the public media libraries for the Fire TV Stick and its relatives. What is missing, however, is a simple and efficient way to play locally stored videos, music or films. Kodi provides the solution! The open source media center not only works on desktop systems or the Raspberry Pi, but also on the Fire TV family via a small detour. Since the Amazon boxes are based on Android, we can simply transfer the Android version of Kodi to the stick. Once set up, you can use Kodi, for example, to play media that is stored on a NAS system. Since Kodi also works perfectly with the remote control of the Fire TV, the installation is almost mandatory.

Kodi on Fire TV: This is what you need

The good news: Kodi runs on the Most of the Fire TV devices available from Amazon. Even older Fire TV sticks are able to play back videos and photos with the media center. To be fair, however, it should be said that the older models in particular sometimes stumble with the reproduction of high-resolution material. On the current Amazon Fire TV 4K Kodi, on the other hand, runs almost perfectly.

Regardless of this, it is helpful if the media is on a network share, for example a NAS system. Unfortunately, Amazon has removed the microSD card slot from its Fire TV devices. Large videos should ideally be played back on the Fire TV via WiFi. Alternatively, you can of course connect external hard drives or USB sticks to the Fire TV using a suitable USB OTG adapter. However, this construction usually requires an additional power supply and is comparatively cumbersome.

Prepare Fire TV for Kodi

We are using the Android version of Kodi as mentioned earlier. Unlike the Google Play Store, Kodi has unfortunately not yet made it into Amazon's Fire TV App Store. But that doesn't matter: By sideloading it is easily possible to install Kodi manually. To do this, you must first take some precautions on the Fire TV:

First, allow apps to be installed from unknown sources. To do this, open the Settings of the Fire TV and navigate to the "My Fire TV" > "Developer options”. Here you activate the option "Apps of unknown origin”. After installing Kodi, you can turn the option off again.

To download Kodi on the Fire TV, we use the handy app Downloader from Find this in the Amazon App Store and install it on your Fire TV.

Download and install Kodi for Fire TV


Next, we'll load the Installation file from Kodi. To do this, open the downloader app you just installed and enter the following address into the Url field a:

Then click on "Come on”To go to the Kodi for Android download page. Here click with the cursor on the link "ARMV7A (32bit)”To download the appropriate version.


Once the download is complete, offers Downloader the installation of the app. So choose "To install”To set up Kodi for the Amazon Fire TV. Confirm the installation and wait for it to finish. Then tap on "Finished”. You can now use the downloaded Installation fileClear. To do this, simply click on the corresponding button in the downloader app and confirm the deletion.

Launch Kodi on the Fire TV

Since Kodi is not an official app from the Amazon App Store, the app icon does not appear on the start page at first. But that doesn't matter! Open the series "Your apps and channels”And switch to the“Show all”. Here, find the icon of the Kodi app you just installed. Then press the Menu button on the Fire TV remote control and click on the link "front”. This will land the Kodi icon in the front of the installed apps so that you can quickly open the media center at any time.

Now, you're ready to get started setting up Kodi on Fire TV. This basically works one-to-one just like on a PC or any other Kodi platform. For example, we'll show you the first steps with Kodi here. You can find even more tips + tricks about Kodi here. In general, it is helpful to have a Bluetooth keyboard to connect to the Amazon Fire TV. You do this in the system settings under "Game controllers and bluetooth devices" > "Other bluetooth devices”. Of course, the setup also works via the Fire TV remote control, but a keyboard is definitely helpful when entering network paths.