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Film starts in Germany: the superhero with a difference

"Deadpool", "Sisters" and "Dirty Grandpa" let it rip

The biggest film of the new cinema week is also the best and a real recommendation: With "Deadpool", Hollywood has once again succeeded in an entertaining comic adaptation that doesn't take itself too seriously and guarantees more laughs than the terrible "Dirty Grandpa" "or maybe even" Sisters ", the comedy with a double pack Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


Science fiction film
United States
108 minutes
FSK 16

Marvel comic adaptation about a former elite soldier (Ryan Reynolds), which receives incredible self-healing powers through a medical experiment. As the superhero Deadpool he now competes against his archenemy (Ed Skrein) at. The film that could have been "Hancock" - the ultimate anti-hero adventure - is now coming via 20th Century Fox in the form of "Deadpool", which is based on the 1991 comics. Ryan Reynolds, who was successful as "Green Lantern" in 2011, but not successful enough to be seen in a comic role, has since struggled to find an audience. With this fast, funny and cheerfully profane flick, in which the hero constantly addresses the audience (and at the end asks them to leave the cinema properly), Reynolds could have found his success part. Director Tim Miller has succeeded with his debut an extremely entertaining work that is definitely not for the whole family. The critics, the audience and our reviewer Carsten Moll are enthusiastic: "This ironic-absurd action spectacle is especially convincing thanks to the great Ryan Reynolds in the lead role."Our recommendation: go in!

United States
118 minutes
FSK 12

US comedy about two dissimilar sisters (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) who want to have one last big party in their parents' house before it goes on sale. The celebration is getting pretty out of control though what the movie is about Jason Moore ("Pitch Perfect") with relish. So far, the Universal Pictures comedy has only drawn in the US, where Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are more present to the mass audience thanks to their television roles than across the Atlantic. The question is whether "Sisters" will change this: On the one hand, the biting mixture of pathos and indecision is carried by the exuberant chemistry of the two leading actresses, who are friends in real life. On the other hand, the film doesn't have too many good laughs to offer and stretches out enormously to reach a playing time of almost two hours, which seems to be justified by little. Our critic Bianka Piringer, like the rest of the guild, thought it was worth seeing: "When the revelers with the comedy duo Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the helm tear the corset of reason off their bodies, the film has its strong moments, but otherwise the thin story seems knitted with a hot needle."

"Dirty Grandpa"
United States
101 minutes
FSK 12

US comedy about a widowed pensioner (Robert De Niro) who, together with his adult grandson (Zac Efron) goes to Florida for the "Spring Break" to indulge in excesses of all kinds. For many, it is already clear which film will end up in the top ten worst films of 2016 at the end of the year - it is this playful, juvenile aberration. Probably everyone involved had a lot of fun while shooting, but the homophobic, endless swear words and sexualized language that Constantin Film lets loose on our screens is an imposition for the viewer. The fact that Robert De Niro thought it was a good idea to work here is the fact that you can follow what is happening on the screen with an even more open mouth Dan Mazer ("It doesn't last a year!"). "Like a real Werther that was thrown into a sewer", find the critics who have panned the work completely and place it in the series of the great De Niro catastrophes such as" New Year's Eve "and" Godsend "(in which at least he did not play a leading role) ", it says - and our critic Christopher Diekhaus doesn't see it any differently:"Tasteless, uninspired cobbled together and not a bit weird - the film is one of the worst Hollywood films to be seen on German screens in spring 2016."Our advice: stay away!

"The Wild Things - The Legend Lives"
99 minutes

German children's film about seven enthusiastic young footballers who have to defend the "Wilde-Kerle-Land" in a big football tournament. The successful children's book series "Die Wilden Kerle", the author, has existed since 2002 Joachim Masannek since 2003 has brought it to the big screen as well. We have now reached 14 volumes and six films. This part is the first time that there are new actors as "Wilde Kerle", but otherwise not much has changed compared to the first five films - and the scheme is slowly showing its signs of disintegration. In any case, the critics don't have much good things to say about the Walt Disney adventure film, including our reviewer Björn Schneider: "Empty and low-tension, repeated infusion of the "good versus bad" fair played on the soccer field with weak young actors and enormous dramaturgical weaknesses."Our advice: stay away!

"69 Days of Hope"

United States
127 minutes
FSK 12

US drama based on a true story: 33 miners are trapped in a copper mine. They endure 69 days under the most difficult conditions, while rescue workers are at work above ground. The Mexican director Patricia Riggen ("Girl in Progress") has the accident in Chile in 2010 in Colombia with an international cast (Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche and James Brolin) staged. The Warner Brothers work offers an appropriately inspiring tone of real heroism, but the poignant story and solid cast are undermined by the fuzzy focus and too many clichés. The strip, which has received mixed reviews, has so far been a flop at the box office. Our critic Carsten Moll says: "While the staging is just solid, the strong actors can provide some emotional climaxes."

"Nothing happens"
88 minutes
FSK 12

Swiss drama about a family man (Devid Striesow), the one with wife (Maren Eggert) and daughter (Lotte Becker) as well as the daughter (Annina Walt) his boss goes on a skiing holiday. When an incident occurs, which the father prefers to cover up, it leads to an unstoppable escalation. Director Micha Lewinsky ("Die Registresbeamtin"), who filmed his own script here and calmly narrated topics such as responsibility, truth and guilt, while constantly increasing the tension. The film received good reviews; our reviewer Christopher Diekhaus found it solid: "The film captivates with an appealing basic idea and a well-presented main actor, but loses some of its effect due to the ludicrous script revolutions in the second half."

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