Can Bill Clinton run against Hillary Clinton

US election campaignHillary Clinton's secret weapon

Hillary Clinton had already announced before Christmas that she would use her "secret weapon" in the election campaign in the new year: Bill Clinton, who is still one of the most popular politicians in the USA and currently ranks eighth in the ranking of all 43 ex-presidents. At the Democratic Party meeting in 2012, it was Bill Clinton who gave a rousing speech that convinced Americans why Obama deserved a second term. Nevertheless, his use in the election campaign of his wife Hillary is not without controversy. After all, the Americans want to know who will really be in charge of the White House later. And so Hillary Clinton felt compelled to clarify in advance:

"I am not running for a third term of office for my husband, not even for a third term of Barack Obama, but for MY first term."

Internal party criticism

Criticism also came from the left wing of the Democrats and Hillary's intra-party competitor Bernie Sanders. For them, Bill Clinton is too close to business and too closely connected to Wall Street. Perhaps that is why Bill Clinton was deliberately cautious at his first election campaign event in New Hampshire: exactly the opposite of testosterone-driven Donald Trump:

"I'm a happy grandfather," said Clinton in greeting, "and not angry at anyone":

In very personal words, Bill Clinton described that his wife had always stood up for the weaker in society, whether as a young lawyer or first lady, as a senator or as secretary of state. Hillary is the best choice when it comes to prosperity for all and a secure future for America:

"I don't think that there was ever a candidate in my lifetime who was better qualified for this position: to do with knowledge, experience and temperament what needs to be done now."

Election campaign below the belt

The allusion to the right temperament that you need as a president was meant by Donald Trump. Otherwise, Bill Clinton did not respond to his recent verbal attacks. Trump had complained in the past few days that he was attacked by Hillary Clinton as sexist and misogynist:

"Her husband is one of the greatest abusers of women in the world."

From Gennifer Flowers to Monica Lewinsky - Donald Trump is digging up the old affairs of Bill Clinton and wants to score points with the Republican base. A strategy that many experts consider dangerous. After all, Trump was not always a loyal model husband in the course of his three marriages. And in 1999, at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, the real estate billionaire castigated the Republicans' impeachment process as completely exaggerated. So Bill Clinton can stay calm and continue to advertise with a wink that finally no first lady, but a "First Spouse" will move into the White House for the first time:

"I'm really tired of the fact that the office of 'first husband' has always been claimed by women."