How do I lift and contour

Contouring thread: products, techniques, images

For contouring, I use a brown, matte eyeshadow and a blush brush from Essence (from the 50s Fever LE). But I wanted to buy a powder that was too dark for that. I would definitely advise against bronzers. Bronzers are always tinged with orange somewhere and that just doesn't look good. It looks like it has been painted and you just want to imitate shadows.
Then I apply blush with the same brush (if I had more brushes, I would also use different ones ;-)), but not on the apple cheeks, so I would only work against the contoured area again. And my highlighter does not come above the blush (that goes too far up), but on the blush itself or its upper part.
Goofy to describe it.

I also use the rest of the temples that are left on the brush after contouring the cheekbones. Rarely, uh, the Jaw line (English Youtube videos ...).
However, my head is quite ... canister shaped, which is why I want to reconsider the temples. I have the feeling that it narrows my forehead, although I don't want that at all; the lower part of my face should appear narrower.

[video = youtube; Ow1rdFOlxnk] [/ video]
The video is insane too.