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5 things you did not know about personal shopping

05 Oct 5 Things You Didn't Know About Personal Shopping

Why is personal shopping becoming increasingly popular? Buying clothes sucks a lot of people. They don't have time or inclination, so they keep buying the same thing or can't find what they're looking for.


Or they don't even know what to look for. Or they get stuck in their old looks and no longer show with their optics what they want to embody in the meantime.


Does that sound familiar to you?

The idea of ​​personal shopping arose from such problems. Stressed business people who do not want to worry about their own clothing style should receive professional advice and service.

In Germany, personal shopping, also known as purchasing advice, has only become a well-known term in recent years. With the series “Sex and the City” and Guido Kretschmer's program “Shopping Queen”, the topic of style and fashion for our own good appearance has long since arrived in our heads.


1. More and more people are making themselves more comfortable.


It is now cool and interesting to give your personal style the necessary polish through a consultation. It used to be rather uncomfortable for people to get help on the subject of style. But in our fast-paced and visual times, optics and external appearance are becoming more and more important.

Not only lack of time is a reason, also the right level and quality of the choice of clothes, which is why shopping for a suitable wardrobe is becoming more and more complex for many.
This is precisely why more and more people are indulging in this service. And not only politicians or actors seek professional advice, personal shopping has become a form of advice that everyone can take advantage of. Just like you look for an architect to plan and implement the living space or a sports trainer who takes care of the correct movement and health of the body.
Especially since you learn a lot with private forms of advice that you can later implement on your own.


2. That brings personal shopping!


In my opinion, a personal shopper has to be able to do a lot more than a communicative saleswoman, who usually only plays in one part of the fashion world and collects commission for every item sold. She usually doesn't know you as a customer: your environment, your league, your target group, your everyday life with its challenges: business partners, business meetings and trips to other countries? From the office to the playground? On the stepping stone to a new job? A new phase in life?


3. This is special:


I prepare your personal shopping by reserving the right parts for you after a detailed discussion. You determine the price framework, whether exclusive or rather cheap. Then I select the stores and make a pre-selection of possible clothing items there. Sometimes I also order online if the required parts are not available in brick-and-mortar stores. One day later, just try on these parts conveniently on site and we will make a selection together. In this way you not only save time and money, shopping becomes a relaxed shopping pleasure.


Feedback from a customer, 1.80 m tall, size 48 after 4 hours of shopping advice:
“It was unbelievable fun to immerse myself in a world so strange to me and it was exciting to see that clothes that I would not have chosen fit so well with me. Your work works wonders - I am happy every day when I conjure up a new outfit out of my closet, in which I feel really good and also get such great compliments. This is so good for me! Now I go shopping with completely different eyes, I really want more silhouette and color - I just feel very comfortable with it. "


I want your personal shopping to be a sensual and meaningful experience!


For me, this includes highlighting the uniqueness of my customers and making them visible, it is the fine-tuning, so to speak. It's about a lot of details that matter and with which you can show your personal style.

That's why people usually come to me who, in addition to a good basic wardrobe with perfect pieces, want to learn how to develop their own style. I will show you the possibilities, what suits you and how you can add to your wardrobe and cleverly combine individual pieces. These can be special color combinations, new silhouettes and, above all, breaking simple looks to give the whole outfit its personal character. Because that's where the art lies!


Of course, this applies to all figures, sizes and challenges that a body can offer. In the meantime I have a lot of experience and know my way around the entire world of fashion. I know labels, shops, cuts, fits and prices - in shops and online.


Always the same in the closet?


I would like to inspire you during personal shopping to try out new things: colors, cuts and silhouettes, accessories and sometimes a new “role” that you are not used to until now. When I go shopping with customers, I am very honest and I don't let go until I am 100% satisfied.


Feedback from management consultant, 44 years old and 1.98 m tall after 5 hours of personal shopping

“What helped me most is that there is someone who gives me new impulses. So I don't have to worry about current trends, but I can still enjoy them. It was also nice that you had a good knack for special offers. I've never gotten sensible suits so cheaply. But the best thing was the “speed shopping”. Go in, get dressed, make decisions. Done: Wonderful 🙂 5 stars go to you. "


4. What if the things are not available in the stationary trade?


That also happens from time to time. Customers with special rare sizes, very large or very small personalities, curvy types or those with difficult feet have special challenges.
Since many brick and mortar stores unfortunately cannot afford to have these sizes, which are rarely sold, in their constant range, they have specialized in online trading.
There are, for example, special shoe manufacturers for feet with hallux, women's shoes in size. 43, provider for very tall people with extra long arms, labels for delicate little women in size 32/34 and men's clothing for personalities under 1.70 m. The online offer has also become very good for the larger sizes.


5. Personal online shopping?


That's why I also shop online for my customers. I look for the articles, send you the links and you can order the clothes at home and try them on at your leisure. Or you can bring you to personal shopping and we will decide together what is suitable for you.

Personal shopping is no longer just advice for wealthy business people, but for all those who prefer to spend their valuable time doing the things that are important to them.
And of course it is also just a lot of fun to be guided through great deals with an expert or with a partner.


I offer personal shopping in:

Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Lübeck, Nuremberg. Other cities on request.
Just send me an email with the password Personal Shopping and I'll send you an offer quickly.


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