Bran Stark is the promised prince

The Prince of Winterfell (episode)

The Prince of Winterfell

First broadcast:

May 20, 2012
July 12, 2012


"The Prince of Winterfell" (in the original: "The Prince of Winterfell") is the eighth episode of the second season of Game of Thrones and the eighteenth episode in the entire series. Directed by Alan Taylor. The script was written by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

The first broadcast took place on May 20, 2012 on the American broadcaster HBO. In German-speaking countries, the first broadcast took place on July 12, 2012 on Sky.


Theon Greyjoy, son of the self-proclaimed King Balon Greyjoy, keeps Winterfell occupied and receives his sister Asha there. She asks him to return home.

Robb Stark is torn between continuing to fight the Lannisters or heading back north to free Winterfell. Then he learns that his mother helped Jaime Lannister escape.

Arya Stark demands her last favor from Jaqen H'ghar and manages to escape from Harrenhal with his help. Meanwhile, Jon is supposed to be brought before Manke Rayder as a prisoner of the wildlings.

Tyrion Lannister prepares in King's Landing for the upcoming battle with Stannis, which will soon reach the capital. He finds interesting similarities with Lord Varys. In the east, Daenerys Targaryen goes her own way, ignoring the advice of her advisor Ser Jorah Mormont.

Text: RTL II


In Winterfell, all the ravens are killed and thrown from the walls at Theon's and Dagmer's feet. Then he prepares to receive the announced cavalry, which comes ridden through the great gate, but neither greets nor stops him. One of the riders is his sister Asha, who once contemptuously circled him with her horse.

Only in the great hall where the iron men are entertained is Theon condescendingly greeted by his sister as Prince of Winterfell. Theon proudly tells of the victory over Winterfell and that he conquered the castle with only twenty men. Asha then asks which of the two Stark boys gave him the harder fight before he butchered them and put them on display on the walls. He justifies his measure with her attempt to escape, but Asha makes it clear to him that it was stupid and cowardly to kill the most important hostages in Winterfell. Then Theon goes on to threaten her. In the presence of her husbands, she demands that he follow his words with deeds, but her brother changes the subject and calls on the reinforcement he needs.

His sister tells him that there are none and that Winterfell is being abandoned. She is supposed to take him home because her father wants to talk to him. Theon does not intend to reveal his trophy, however; not even when Asha warns him that without supplies he would be defenseless against the Northmen who are now demanding his head. She asks her soldiers to leave the hall and speaks to her brother in private. She tries urgently to make it clear to him that he will die here and reminds him of the childhood when they loved their mother together and endured their father. They are of the same blood and Asha doesn't want him to die here alone. Then she also leaves the hall.

The wildlings bring Jon to the Lord of Bones, who already has a crow as a prisoner. Qhorin has more information and is therefore more valuable to Manke Rayder, but Ygritte stands up for Jon, even though the Lord of the Bones has already ordered his evisceration. Only the fact that Jon is Eddard Stark's bastard from Winterfell saves his life. With that, Ygritte has paid her debt and Jon is brought to Qhorin. Jon apologizes for not being able to kill Ygritte and Halfhand tells him that everyone else is dead because they were looking for him. Jon now knows that they died because of him and Qhorin wants their death not to be in vain. After that, Qhorin is taken away by a wildling.

On the way back to Robb's camp, Talisa asks him about his promise, of whom Robb neither knows what she looks like nor what her first name is. Talisa hopes that they will both be happy because he has to marry her because of a bridge. At the time, Robb believed that he could still save his father if he crossed the bridge in time and marched south. Talisa heard from the Northmen that Ned Stark was very popular. Robb also still admires his father and says that would be a matter of course, but Talisa corrects him. Robb tells her of his responsibility as Lord von Winterfell and now king who takes care of all his subjects.

He learned a lot from his father and Talisa admits that she is happy to have met him. Robb knows Ned would have liked her, but Talisa believes that lords are not interested in common people, but only in gold and fame. Robb contradicts her and she wants to know what he's fighting for. He wants to return home, but not without the assurance that the Lannisters have been defeated and the assurance that justice has been done through Joffrey's death. Talisa ponders his words when a rider arrives. He informs Robb of the Kingslayer's escape and Robb asks in disbelief how that happened.

Back at the camp, Robb and Rickard Karstark enter Catelyn's tent and want to know why she freed Jaime Lannister. He feels betrayed by her, but his mother explains that she did it because of the girls. She has five children, but only one is currently free. Rickard joins the conversation and angrily mentions that he had two sons. He lost one in battle, the other to the regicide. He would give his life for his sons to be alive again, even if they were prisoners. Catelyn expresses her sympathy, which Rickard does not want because his revenge has been taken from him.

Catelyn interjects that with Jaime's death, Rickard's children will not return, but their actions will now give their daughters the ability to survive longer if the regicide is safe. Robb is clear in his words and accuses Catelyn of fooling them all, that she has weakened his position and that there is mistrust in the camp. He orders that his mother be guarded day and night without responding to her pleading and gives orders that another forty men should pursue the regicide.

On their way, Brienne and Jaime reached a river. She rudely pulls the regicide off his horse and walks with him to the river bank. Jaime has a little conversation and introduces himself to her, but asks for her to know her name as well. He doesn't utter a single offensive remark until both of them take cover near a boat on the bank. Brienne, who has remained silent so far, considers his actions to be treason and unforgivable. Jaime continues to provoke her and doesn't think she can defeat him. Only three men in the royal lands would “maybe” be able to do this and she is not one of them. She tells him that she has met many men who claim the same thing and have paid for their error with their death. Jaime now openly challenges her, believing she's scared, but Brienne demands that he sit in the boat and says that maybe they would find out at some point.

Kevan tells his brother Tywin that Stannis will take the capital within an hour once he has landed. It opens up the possibility that the royal family can flee west, but Tywin does not want to give up the Iron Throne so easily, even if that means the death of his descendants. The situation seems hopeless, only the fact that the Greyhounds intervened in the war makes their situation easier. Tywin doesn't believe that Robb will give up so easily and gives a momentous order. He sets his army on the march and wants to leave Harrenhal at night. He orders Gregor Clegane to stay behind and hold the fortress. He should track down the brotherhood and destroy it. He also receives Arya as cupbearer. Tywin advises her to make sure Clegane doesn't drink too much.

In the fortress courtyard, Arya searches for Jaqen H'ghar to give him Tywin's name, and sees the victims of the interrogation. She meets the two prisoners who were locked up with Jaqen and who are now in the service of the Lannisters. None of them reveal where Jaqen is. They just mean that they still have an account with Arya before they get the marching orders. Then Arya goes to Gendry's forge, who tells Hot Pie about recipes. Hot Pie knows Jaqen is on patrol but doesn't reveal it until Arya grabs him by the ears. All she can do is watch helplessly as Tywin mounts his horse and leaves Harrenhal.

The wildlings lead Jon and Qhorin across the mountains. Halfhand is certain that they intend to storm the wall. In this case, having a spy among their ranks would be very helpful, but Jon doesn't think they will ever trust him. Qhorin has an idea and starts shouting at Jon. In front of everyone he accuses him of the death of his men, his relationship with Ygritte and that he is a bastard. Then he pushes Jon down the slope. The Lord of the Bones calls Qhorin to order and Ygritte looks interested at Jon who is lying on the ground.