What does the golden maknae mean

♦ Chapter 3 ♦

He also took my other hand and grabbed it so tight that any attempt to escape from him would fail anyway. But I don't want that at all, maybe it's time to tell him what's going on. It can't get much worse.

I close my eyes for a moment and try to collect my words. All of this is much easier said than done. I try desperately to convince myself that everything will be fine, it won't be that bad. At the same time, however, I think everything could just go wrong. I open my eyes again and see his attentive look that has not broken away from mine the whole time. '' Tae I behaved differently for a reason ... different. '' I mumble and feel how he lets go of his hands from my wrists. Immediately a cold overwhelms me that almost makes me shiver. His curious look pierces me and I feel much smaller. `` Jungkook you don't need to be afraid. No matter what you say, nothing could destroy what we have built over the years. `` I think he's wrong this time.

'' Tae I get nervous when you're around, staring at you almost continuously. I love your smile, the way you act. Your dance style is always nice to watch because you are so passionate about it. You ... '' I don't know what else to say so that he gets it. Right now I feel like I'm in a goddamn romance movie, the only thing missing is that we're on the street and it suddenly starts raining. It all sounds like a stupid cliché and like standing in one of the Disney films but that is pure reality. I feel like a joke. I stand here and actually confess to my best friend that I like him more than I thought possible. He looks at me with wide eyes and just stands still for a while.

'' Kookie, I'm ... taken by surprise. '' he admits, nervously scratching his neck. Briefly it pulls in my chest but what did I expect? That he falls around my neck? rather not. Shortly afterwards he puts his arms around me and pulls me into a tight hug, which in turn takes me by surprise. I now expected him to leave the room and never talk to me again.

I reply hesitantly and rest my chin on his shoulder. 'Please don't let that change anything between us, I don't want to lose you. '' I honestly admit and when Tae breaks away from me he starts to giggle.
`` You won't get rid of me that fast, little cookie. '' He thinks and presses my shoulder again before he struts into the open kitchen and makes himself a glass of water.

~ * Magical Timeskip * ~ (When the other members are back lol)

Jin, Namjoon and Jimin were the ones working in the kitchen today and almost every five minutes Namjoon curses because Jimin drops something or mixes something wrong. I play with the idea of ​​simply ordering something. Yoongi and I sit and sit on the floor opposite and practice random handshakes.
Taehyung is lying on the couch with his head hanging down so he's watching what's on on TV upside down. In the meantime, Hoseok is walking up and down in the living room with his smartphone, playing some farm game. If you ask me it's a typical evening in this flat share, at least there are seldom free evenings that run differently.

'' JIMIN! `` I hear Jin yelling from the kitchen and start laughing, like the others. I apologize to Yoongi before I go to the boys who cook. At least try it for what it looks like. When I am there I see how the aforementioned is full of cream and it runs on his shoulder. Namjoon stands a little to one side and holds a hand in front of his mouth so as not to laugh out loud. I rub my hand on my forehead and can't help laughing. Jin has now saved what can be saved. Because there is only rice with chicken ... without cream sauce.

I know, this chapter is pretty short and I'll briefly explain why. I've come up with something for this story, but I'm missing such small details with which I let it continue. (Makes sense? I hope so) That's why I'll probably take the next time to come up with a few details. If you like the story, you are welcome to leave me suggestions, because I will try to implement them in the best possible way. Have a nice day!