Are Americans angry, why?

The American nightmare: Trump and other evil spirits

USA observers are looking for explanations as to why society has become so polarized.

For the conservative British magazine “Spectator” (November 27th) it is simply an “American nightmare” that is happening in front of the whole world. Of course, the current incumbent in the White House plays a leading role as a monster. But Donald Trump is not the only evil spirit: "Of course Trump is the repulsive example for everyone. A worse role model for children is inconceivable," writes John R. MacArthur, the editor of the US magazine "Harper's". Much more worrying, however, is that the Trump effect has apparently also infected the left and liberals: "In the last few months the opposition has become more and more like Trump in a terrifying way, and I am afraid of where this will lead." MacArthur complains that good manners and decent behavior have practically disappeared from American society, and hatred and malice have replaced everyday politeness.
Also in the “Spectator”, the US observer Freddy Gray writes: “US politics has always been disgusting; Trump has only finally ripped off the mask of politeness from her. But what is extraordinary is the extent to which he was able to turn the Democrats into a disgusting party. "Gray considers Trump to be a more impressive politician than most commentators portrayed him is also in a culture war. "