Is it bad not to like classical music?

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Jan. 21, 2007
I keep thinking about why classical music is so unpopular. I know we've had the topic before, but somehow I haven't found a satisfactory answer to the question.

It is already clear to me that tastes are different and that there are definitely people who simply don't really like the music on principle. You can see that in the classical music - one prefers Bach, the next Chopin, another Prokofiev or jazz.

If you "look" at people like that, more of them ought to like classical music; everyone is looking for "depth" etc. in the age of emos, spirituality seminars and drug intoxication ...
And I claim that serious music is guaranteed to offer no less feeling than Tokio-Hotel.
When people come into contact with classical music, they often think it's great - the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings, Fox of the Caribbean and the romantic-looking Yann Tiersen pieces are "in everyone's ears".

My reasoning: there aren't many ways why it is the way it is.

One of them: It is due to the image of the music, the market has meanwhile come to terms with the fact that the masses are uninterested, and whoever tries to find their way is so confused by the overwhelming variety that they immediately let it go.

Or: Classical music is too complicated to be understood the first time you hear it; Since people are hardly prepared for how to deal with the music (which they don't even want because of point 1), they give up without even having understood what they are missing out on.

Or: All classical music lovers are abnormal, hypersensitive and have a special preference, comparable to rare hobbies such as deep-sea diving, and will always fail to convert others.

Since I can't quite believe the last suggestion, I thought to myself that maybe you should just ask people.
We could start a survey (which doesn't yet exist: p) in which everyone interviews a few people they know, and we can look forward to the answers.