Is higher RAM on smartphones important

What is ram

You have probably heard the abbreviation RAM before. It describes the main memory of computers and smartphones. We'll tell you why memory is important.

The abbreviation RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which literally means any access memory. However, the term working memory or main memory is more common. Its size and speed are responsible for the smooth running of computer and smartphone applications. The size of the RAM is usually given in gigabytes. The more RAM a device has, the smoother it will run.

This is how RAM works

As soon as you run a program, the associated data is saved in RAM. This means that programs load faster and are still available, even if you have already closed them. If you open an app, it loads all data into the RAM when you start it for the first time. If you now close the app and start it again, the loading process will take less time. The data is retained in the main memory as long as the device is supplied with power. If you switch off your smartphone or your computer, all saved data from the RAM will be lost and will have to be reloaded when you restart your apps and programs. Don't worry, emptying the memory does not affect any data that is in main memory. Pictures, videos and the like are therefore still safe even after the power has been switched off.

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