Let LED lamps conquer halogen lamps

ÖKO-TEST LED lamps: Better than energy-saving lamps

(3.11.2011) LED lamps are not just the light of the future; They are already ahead of energy-saving lamps in many ways. Because they are more economical, more durable and some make a better light - that is the result of a current study by ÖKO-TEST.

The Frankfurt consumer magazine put eleven LED lamps with screw threads that can be screwed into a normal lamp socket under the microscope in an endurance test. The products showed their strengths: LED lamps offer a more balanced color spectrum. Another advantage is the economy: even if the LEDs are expensive to buy, their use should pay off on average after a good three years. Because energy savings of up to 85 percent are possible compared to incandescent lamps. With the same test arrangement, energy-saving lamps only achieve around 70 percent.

However, there appear to be a number of problems to be solved. For example, the pronounced flicker of light of the LED is a cause for concern. The eye can no longer perceive this, but these pulses would arrive in the brain. In addition, the electromagnetic pollution is very high in all of the lamps tested. According to ÖKO-TEST, some exceed the TCO standard that is permitted for computer monitors by more than ten times. The magazine therefore recommends not screwing LEDs into desk lamps or bedside lamps and instead using halogen lamps. In addition, the brightness of some products leaves a lot to be desired.

Jürgen Stellpflug, editor-in-chief of ÖKO-TEST magazine, sums it up: “Although LED technology is still at the beginning of its development, it has great potential. It already stands out from the energy-saving lamp and can really become the light of the future. "

The ÖKO-TEST magazine November 2011 has been available in the magazine trade since October 28, 2011.

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