How do we learn 1


I've been working with your math book for some time now and so far I've always been full of praise, because I think the preparation of the material is really good and the offer is very well designed. The combination with the exercise sheets - one exercise sheet on each page in the student volume, is unique, unlike any other textbook.
I. W.

How much I'm looking forward to working with the math book again! It has such a positive aura and motivates the children and me alike. What has stuck in my memory since my last 1st grade - the textbook is so well set up and structured, I had no "counting" computers. And the children come to secondary school well prepared.
G. P.

Our school is already using "We are learning mathematics" in 5 classes this year, the e-book for it is wonderful - brilliant!
B. B.

I switched schools and made my colleagues curious about the book. I absolutely loved it when I used it in my 1st grade. Please send me a sample copy so that I can also bring the book closer to my colleagues.
U. K.

We are already working with the book “We learn mathematics” in the 6th school year and are still convinced of this book. Compared to other books, we find particularly positive:
- Extensive repetition of the material from the previous school level at the beginning of a new school year.
- Training pages towards the end of the school year, which we also recommend in lower-performing classes for the holiday season.
- In the 1st grade, "counting" is done early on, something the children are very proud of. Plus and minus tasks are introduced promptly, which greatly promotes understanding of these arithmetic operations.
- The tens and undershoots of tens are worked out in Part B: The children have enough time to practice until the end of the year, the rate of forgetting over the holidays is low.
The same applies to the 2nd grade with regard to the development of the painting series
and in the 4th grade the written multiplication and division of two-digit numbers.
V. S.

I am now working with your book "We learn mathematics" for the second year and I am very satisfied with it. The children like it very much and they are always happy when they are allowed to work independently in the book! The book will pique the curiosity of the children and they will happily turn the pages to see what awaits them next.
S. J.

I have been working with the mathematics book “We learn mathematics” for a number of years now. I really enjoy working with:
- It's designed in an appealing way
- The tasks prepare the children well for the review of the educational standards.
- The tasks of the different school levels are similar and give the children a certain degree of security and orientation.
- There is enough space for writing.
- Dividing the annual material into three volumes is a good thing, also with regard to the weight of the school bag.
My recommendation for this textbook series!
S. W.

The power pack - exercise sheets and service CD-ROM - the perfect addition to school books. Hand out exercise sheet, explanations are superfluous, perfectly matched to each textbook page. Lots of first-class learning opportunities on the CD-ROMs - for promoting, challenging and preparing for the educational standards. It couldn't be better!
A. R.