What is the most uncomfortable for you?

"We shouldn't think in terms of 'man' and 'woman' anyway"

Do you feel that society has expectations of you as a woman?

Yes, especially when it comes to work, or that as a woman you can combine both: being a mother and working. We shouldn't think in terms of “man” and “woman” anyway, but that we are all human. This is exactly what needs to be more anchored in the mind.

What would you say is the most outdated notion there is on the matter?

Sometimes I have the feeling that women are not taken as seriously as men. Sometimes they are not even perceived as "people". In Scandinavian countries one is already further. There, not only “he” and “she”, but also “she” are used as plural, which is used to simply name a person without going into gender.

Do you feel like you've been denied opportunities because of your gender?

When it comes to salary, I can definitely feel the difference. I do the same as my male counterpart, but I get paid less.

Are there people in your life whose expectations you do not want to disappoint despite all self-determination?

Clearly, my family! It is important to me to always stay in contact so that you can follow my life. Parents need to learn to deal with the fact that their child is homosexual. I come from a small village near Stuttgart. There you live differently than in Berlin, where everyone can be as they want.

"It makes me incredibly happy that I have this strength now"

What does femininity mean to you?

First and foremost: to be self-determined, to act, to act, to live, to dress but also to eat and drink. But also to feel comfortable inside myself, apart from social norms or expectations. I want to be seen as a person. Our society describes itself as "emancipated". But if you take a closer look, it is unfortunately not the case de facto.

What makes you particularly happy right now, at the point where you are in your life?

My relationship because I haven't been open about my same-sex partnerships for years. At the time, I wasn't ready to withstand the social pressure. It makes me incredibly happy that I have this strength now.