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Switzerland is a country full of banks, that's probably a fact. Most of these banks have one thing in common; Lack of transparency in prices, excessive bonuses whose costs are ultimately passed on to you, high banking package prices and many other points that are actually incomprehensible. So why isn't there a bank account that refrains from paying out wages in the six-figure range and clearly shows you what you ultimately pay fees for and what you don't?

This is exactly the question the four founders of a Swiss startup asked themselves. The result is more than just great. It's bright, pink and called neon.

neon - The cheapest bank account in Switzerland!

Account opening? Free. Account fee? Free. Bank transfers & domestic transaction fees? Free. Card fee? You already guessed it ... Free. You are probably also asking yourself the question I asked myself when I first heard about neon: "Wait a minute, what does it cost here anyway?". The answer to that is very simple. Costs only arise if you are abroad with your extremely good-looking, yes, almost sexy bank card pay. This would be exactly 1.8% per transaction abroad. That was it. But how does neon actually earn money to finance all of this? We found the answer on neon's blog.

This is how the free account app neon is financed

neon earns money by using cards at home and abroad.

In Germany, neon benefits from the fact that every retailer where you pay with your card pays a (small) fee to the payment service provider, of which the banks, for example, then receive a part.

If you shop abroad with the card, or online at international companies (outside Switzerland), the Swiss company receives both the transaction fee and a surcharge on the exchange rate. But even there, neon keeps the fees as low as possible and thus significantly lower than with most alternatives.

neon has no branches or counters, does not conduct any risky business and does not pay any manager bonuses. That's why there are no basic fees for you and only a few, clear conditions.

Not convinced yet? go on…

Probably the simplest banking app in Switzerland

It starts when you set up your neon account. Install the app and open an account within 10 minutes. I couldn't believe the 10 minutes myself at first, so I had to try it out. And it actually didn't take more than 9 minutes to complete the verification via video chat. All you need is a working front and rear camera on your smartphone and a valid ID document. After verification, all you have to do is wait a few hours and you can log into the glowing world of neon for the first time.

Oh yes, we almost forgot. With neon you don't have a VPay or Maestro card. At neon you get a stylish neon Mastercard with your account as standard, with which you can pay for free in Switzerland, withdraw money at all kKiosk in Switzerland (twice a month afterwards 2.- / withdrawal) and with which you can also use it online, for example Pay for your Netflix or Spotify subscription and fulfill your wishes on Zalando or other online shops. The following applies: No monthly credit card bill and at the same time no debt trap. Because your purchases will be deducted directly from your available money or your account.

Author: Luca

Date: March 27, 2019