Who is the most beautiful prince of all time

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Princess Gracia Patricia of Monaco: The most beautiful royals of all time

There are many attractive nobles. But who are the best looking blue bloods of all time?

An internet community has called on its members to vote for the most beautiful royals. 127,000 votes from all over the world were evaluated by "Beautifulpeople.com". Seated on the beauty throne: the Swedish Prince Carl Philip (31) and Princess Gracia Patricia of Monaco († 52)!

Just behind the Monegasque princess who made a career in Hollywood as Grace Kelly in the 50s: Queen Rania of Jordan (40). The future British princess Kate Middleton (29) takes third place.

Among the male royals, the beautiful Swede relegates Monegasque Prince Andrea (26) to second place.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (42) was elected the third most beautiful noblewoman. In fourth and fifth place: the British princes Harry (26) and William (28).

See the respective top ten of the most beautiful royals in the photo galleries!

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