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Måkläppen: winter hiking on Sweden's southern tip

The Måkläppen sand peninsula from above: Photo: Björn Hillarp, ​​Måkläppsföreningen.

A sandy headland juts out into the sea and offers bird and seal species a refuge for rearing their young. We are talking about Måkläppen near Falsterbo, one of the southernmost corners of Sweden. The peninsula has been a nature reserve since 1971 with strict rules and limited human access. Because the constantly changing sand landscape can only be entered from November 1st to January 31st. For hikers and nature lovers, the uncomfortable winter time is the only chance to observe life on the terminal moraine Måkläppen.

The peninsula has long been known as a breeding ground for sea birds and other bird species. As early as 1899, local residents were committed to the bird paradise and founded the nature conservation association “Måkläppens naturreservat och naturvårdsförening”. Seals and gray seals are also native here and can be found in colonies. During the mating season and when the young come, they are completely "among themselves" on Måkläppen. But during the three accessible months in winter, with a bit of luck, you can spot and watch seals. But please do not disturb !!

Old wood wreckage that is released from the sea on Måkläppen, depending on the location of the dunes, is dead, but still interesting. It is known that ships often ran aground and stranded at this point. The parts found here are often several hundred years old. A hike to the sea south of Malmö is always exciting!

The responsible municipality points out that the lonely sand tip can be hit by violent storms in winter. Weatherproof and windproof clothing must be worn in any case. Furthermore, of course, nothing may be taken from nature, dug or destroyed. Dogs must also stay away from this excursion. => Further rules of conduct in the nature reserve.

Homepage of the association => Måkläppsföreningen.

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