How long are pickled eggs good for

Insert sole eggs according to grandma’s recipe - this is how it works

After the classic sole eggs have almost been forgotten, they are now celebrating their big comeback - according to grandma's secret recipe!

The classic way is to wrap the shell of the boiled eggs all around and then place them in a highly salty liquid, also known as brine. You can also peel the brine eggs immediately after cooking and before picking them, but then you should reduce the amount of salt for the brine by half. Also note that this variant has a shorter shelf life.


Inserting sole eggs - ingredients for a large glass:


Insert sole eggs - this is how it works step by step

  1. Peel and dice the onion. Bring 600 ml liters of water, salt, diced onions, caraway seeds, pepper and bay leaves to the boil. Tip: For a brownish-marbled coloration of the eggs, you can add some cleaned onion skin.

  2. Boil water in another large saucepan and boil eggs hard in it for 10 minutes. Rinse the eggs, fold in the shell all around, layer in a glass and pour the hot brine over it.

  3. Close the jar tightly and let the sole eggs soak for at least a day. This way the eggs can be kept for at least 2 weeks and become salty over time.

Eating sole eggs - that's how it tastes best

Sole eggs are particularly delicious if you cut them in half lengthways, remove the egg yolks, add a little oil, vinegar, pepper and mustard to the cavity and place the egg yolks back on top. For guests, you can mix the yolks with these ingredients, just like with filled eggs, and squirt a piping bag into the egg halves. Bread and salad go well with this.


Sole eggs in great variations

When cooking beetroot, a beetroot brew is created automatically. While the vegetables are being enjoyed in salads, for example, you can use the broth to color the sole eggs. In the basic recipe, simply replace the water for boiling the brine with the red liquid. With shelled brine eggs, the result is a great marbled color, while previously peeled eggs turn a solid pink.

In terms of taste, you can still get a lot out of brine eggs. Try delicious variations with aromatic herbs like rosemary, marjoram and thyme! The pickled eggs with fiery chilli, ginger and lemongrass are a bit more exotic. Some recipes also rely on the addition of vinegar.


How long do sole eggs have to brew?

Before you can enjoy delicious sole eggs, patience is required: the eggs should be steeped in the brine for at least one day in order to take on their intense aroma. Those who can be patient for one or two days longer will be rewarded with an even spicier taste.


How long can sole eggs keep?

Sole eggs are known for their long shelf life - the brine preserves them. But after a storage period of 2 weeks, the yolk slowly turns green and begins to smell sulphurous. In addition, the egg takes on the aromas of the brine more and more the longer it is stored. We therefore recommend consuming sole eggs within 14 days.

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