Why doesn't my Skype account go online?

Can't sign in to Skype: Here's what you can do


If the Skype sign-in doesn't work properly, there can be many reasons. Usually it is due to small errors that you can fix with just a few steps.

Solutions: Sky registration not possible

Login problems are mostly the result of technical errors that are almost always easy to find and fix.
  • Check your internet connection: Go to a website to test your internet connection. If you have problems here, try restarting the router and check all cable connections.
  • If your connection is intact, Skype itself could have technical problems. Current error messages can be found in the Heartbeat blog set up for this purpose.
  • If you can't even get to the Skype login screen, you probably don't have Skype installed properly. Download and reinstall the latest version of Skype for Windows.

Skype sign-in has stopped working

If these tips don't help, move on to the other options.
  • You may have entered incorrect credentials when logging in. If you've forgotten your login details, you can reset your password.
  • Another problem could be the hardware or software. Check if your system is fit for Skype's minimum requirements.
  • Sometimes problems are caused by errors in Skype's configuration file. You can find this by pressing Windows + R and entering "% appdata% \ skype". An Explorer window opens in which you only have to delete the shared (.xml) file. After restarting Skype, the registration should work.
If you've followed the tips, you should now be able to log into Skype as usual.

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