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Computer algorithms change the world. The machines are now also presuming to perform real creative achievements. You write music as precisely as a film composer and also attack the Beatles. You design company logos and will soon be able to capture the mood of an image and perfect photos fully automatically - at least that's what software giant Adobe promises.

For today's show, however, we are assuming that people continue to provide the creative work and that the software at best supports them in their strokes of genius. And it does indeed when we have the right program and the optimal app at hand. Then we get tools to make up for our weaknesses. With the “Undo” function, we can keep trying until something useful emerges based on the principle of trial and error. And with the help of templates and prefabricated building blocks from professionals, it is easy to stand on the shoulders of giants.

We discuss the apps that support us in our daily, more or less creative work: First we get help collecting ideas - then we go about turning these ideas into a concrete project, a sophisticated text or perhaps an epic novel manufacture. And finally, the reminders should also be available at any time, so that we never stand in front of an expectant-looking audience with a blackout or have to tackle our radio show with a single emptiness in our heads ...

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The all-important question: is software really creative?

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Image: What do you do to switch the lamp on? (From Suvan Chowdhury, Pexels.com, CC0)